Weekend in Photos

So I’ve been sucking as a blogger lately. On the flip side, that probably means I’ve been succeeding as a productive employee 😉

I’ve got an extremely busy workweek ahead of me, but I wanted to pop in and say hello, yes I’m alive, and here are some pictures from my weekend to prove it!

may 19-1

The weekend started early with Wine Friday at work. Have I mentioned I LOVE my office? Work hard, play hard…That should be our motto! After finishing everything up for the week, I headed over to Mayahuel to grab a marg and some chips and salsa with my friend Jason, who was in town for the afternoon. We lived in the same dorm in college and it was nice to catch up!

may 19-2

I went to bed early because I knew I’d be waking up early…Starting at 5:30am, I began to get text updates on my best friend Joanna’s progress- she ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon this weekend! Once I saw that she had finished (around 7:30am Cali time) I was totally inspired and hopped out of bed for my own nice long run. I couldn’t have asked for better pacing, and ended up with a pretty speedy average pace!

Blogger FAIL – I made this strawberry tart for a housewarming party on Saturday and didn’t take a picture of it!! Regardless, it was a really nice party and the weather couldn’t have been better. You’ll just have to take my word for it!

may 19-3

I came home to this adorable little lady, Olive, who we were dogsitting for the night. She was so sweet! Then I headed out to a super seedy dive bar to eat buffalo fries and fried pickles. Soooo good.


And then I had the best Sunday ever. Farmers Market, an EMPTY gym, shopping at Target (went for running shorts and sunglasses… ended up with a maxi skirt.), watching Xoso softball in the 80 degree sun, and dodgeball t-shirt pick up! (I swear Nicki isn’t naked…… or is she?)


I think our team should be re-named the Cool Hat Team. Thoughts?

Have a great week!

What can you not leave Target without grabbing? I swear I pick up a new sports bra every time I’m there, without fail!

Fried pickles – yay or nay?

4 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

  1. Jojo says:

    FOR THE RECORD, Katie is one of the biggest reasons I completed the Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Target is my kryptonite! I swear! Between the Stargetbucks and all that they have I might as well just write half my paycheck to them. It’s damn near impossible to leave with just what you went in for!

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