Weekend in Photos

So I’ve been sucking as a blogger lately. On the flip side, that probably means I’ve been succeeding as a productive employee 😉

I’ve got an extremely busy workweek ahead of me, but I wanted to pop in and say hello, yes I’m alive, and here are some pictures from my weekend to prove it! Continue reading


Superbowl Weekend in Photos

So many photos….so little time.

Another busy Monday at the office! Even if I feel like my head is spinning out of control, at least I’ve got this nice view to calm me down:


I’ve also got memories of a sunny weekend to tide me over for the next 5 days. Chiggedy check ’em out:


Friday Happy Hour at Dive Bar (um, I didn’t know they served free food with a HH drink purchase…score!) — Watching Downton Abbey — My new squirrel buddy. This lil guy was sunbathing for a good 40 minutes on our balcony!


The aftermath of a snacky picnic in the park with Carly. She brought homemade Larabars, omg — went to Target for 3 things, left with…..6. I think that’s a pretty good show of self control. — dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack. What an experience! I was the only one without a huge crab bucket in front of me, but it was fun watching the others!


We finally tasted T-Man’s beer! Expect a full report later this week 🙂



Went on an awesome bike ride on the American River Bike Trail with Mikhail and Matt on Sunday pre-Super Bowl. We rode for over an hour (Matt and I on our cruisers, ha) and it was so gorgeous outside! The high temperature was actually more like 65 degrees by the time we finished.


Aaaand of course, the Super Bowl. I am not big on football, and I usually have no interest in either team competing in the Super Bowl so I don’t feel much attachment to the actual game play…but the fact that the 49ers were in the Super Bowl this year had everyone in Northern California pretty excited! Except for the Raiders fans of course, haha.

Highlight for me was definitely Beyonce’s halftime show. It was short, but AWESOME. Our host Scott’s puppy, Scout, made an appearance, and the game got super close in the 3rd quarter. Unfortunately, the Niners couldn’t pull it out, but it was still an exciting game!

Who were you rooting for?

And how did you burn off your Super Bowl calories??