Life According to Instagram

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Since I didn’t post a “weekend in photos” this week, I decided on another way to give my faithful readers their regular fill of weirdly filtered square photos of my life.

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Have a great weekend, and GO NINERS! It’s gonna be a crazy weekend in Northern California, you can be sure of that!


Board Games every weekend I checked off another item on my Bucket List! Crackers based on a Yes, I Want Cake recipe 🙂


T-Man bottled his beers! It’s ready on SATURDAY! His mom’s dog Kona a few weekends ago. Those ears!


Realized that my 2010 Mad Men Halloween costume was more accurate than I thought! (At the time, I didn’t feel very Betty Draperish…guess I just had to wait for the Season 6 cast photos to come out!)


Watching Food Network on the elliptical Having more “notes to self” than I know what to do with.


Post Dodgeball game fun The series finale of 30 Rock. One of my favorite shows, and a character {Liz Lemon} who helped me feel not so bad about wanting to have it all.


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