3 Day Weekend in Photos

Hey friends. This long weekend was definitely needed! Apparently I was exhausted from the last few weeks- after an epic episode of Downton Abbey (Season 2 Christmas episode, omagawww) on Friday night, we went to sleep at 1am and I didn’t wake up until nearly 11am. TEN HOURS of sleep! To be honest, I probably would sleep at least 9 hours per night if I didn’t have to work every morning, haha, but it felt nice to be well-rested!

Enjoy my weekly pics from the weekend πŸ™‚


On Friday, my boss was in Clarksburg so he went to the winery that is supplying our reception and picked up our order: 2 cases of wine. Think that’s enough for 50-60 people? They are all lobbyists and state lawmakers, of course, so you never know… πŸ˜‰ Also, our apartment is looking lovely thanks to our two boyfriends and Valentines Day!


Friday night, I made roasted cauliflower steaks for the first time (with a soy ginger type glaze), and T-Man made us his specialty: Chicken Caesar wraps. Homeboy only has one signature meal in the kitchen…but damn if he isn’t great at it!


Saturday was girls night out at Sapporo. I had a Music roll (shrimp tempura, salmon, tuna, avocado, and two sauces!) and a glass of wine. Instead of going to another bar, we opted to go back to my place and try out an orange moscato I’ve had hanging out in my cupboard for months now. All 3 of us kept talking about how we felt like old ladies, but crowded bars and clubs are stressful, man!


That night, I attempted overnight crockpot oatmeal. Nothing really to write home about, it was a little too runny for me and not sweet enough for my roomie. I think I’ll stick to my normal microwave routine for now!


Strange, strange beer. It has a very slight aftertaste of watermelon. Probably won’t buy it again anytime soon, but I feel like it could be a perfect light summer beer!


Haha um, that was me insisting that T-Man take my picture when we were the only ones in the theater at Argo yesterday. They re-released it since it’s Oscar season and it’s gotten so many awards I didn’t wanna miss out! It was a very cool movie- I think I prefer the brilliant acting in Silver Linings Playbook, though.

And below you’ll find the Game of Thrones board game. We play board games pretty often, and many are very complicated (Settlers of Catan is a favorite), but this game is almost too much! There’s so much going on that it takes a minimum of 3 hours. We stopped after 3 hours and had only gotten through 6 turns (out of ten)! To be continued, I suppose… πŸ™‚

Unfortunately after all the bragging I did about our weather last week, this is my view today:


Womp womp. At least the week will already be 2/5 over after today! Here’s to long weekends!

Have you seen all the Oscar Best Picture-nominated films? I’ve only seen 3 of the 9- I’m slacking this year!

Life According to Instagram

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Since I didn’t post a “weekend in photos” this week, I decided on another way to give my faithful readers their regular fill of weirdly filtered square photos of my life.

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Have a great weekend, and GO NINERS! It’s gonna be a crazy weekend in Northern California, you can be sure of that! Continue reading

Weekend in Photos

Quick post for a quick weekend!


After my skin-cancer-mole-removal surgery on Thursday, my mom basically gave me two days worth of “comfort food” to help me feel better. Comfort food to my mom and I = pasta. Duh. Can you tell we’re Italian? Oh and that’s the hole in my head. I’ve got another week until they take the stitches out, but it seems to be healing up nicely…recovery has been rougher than I anticipated though 😦 Pretty much any time I smile or laugh, it starts hurting and feeling like my head is going to split open…then I start laughing more because I’m making myself hurt. It’s a vicious cycle πŸ˜›


Since I was healing and it was raining outside, we did a lot of board game playing with friends this weekend. Puerto Rico on Friday night, and Attika (shown above) on Saturday night. I won Attika for the first time ever πŸ˜›


Sunday was a day for cooking experimentation! Above is crispy squash rounds…it was my first time buying a kabocha squash and I loved it – so creamy when roasted! The second experiment was my first (and probably easiest) item off of my Cooking Bucket List… recipe and method to come soon πŸ™‚

Today, I woke up feeling like it was the first day of school- T-Man helped me put on my new bike tire to replace the one that got stolen, so I finally have a working bike again…just in time to get me to work on the first day of the legislative session! Since I work for lobbyists, things got pretty slow after the last session ended in August and even slower after the November elections passed. But that’s all going to change now! I’m hoping to still be able to keep up with my 3x per week posting schedule…wish me luck!

Rainy Weekend in Photos

Thank you all for your kind words on Friday. I knew I could rely on the blogosphere for support πŸ™‚

But this week is a new week, and the fact that the whole city was literally under water most of the weekend makes it a little easier to figuratively wash last week out of my memory πŸ™‚ Plus, it’s an exciting day at work today…all the new Senators and Assemblymembers are getting sworn in, so the Capitol area is pretty hoppin’! T-Man and I are hoping to crash a Swearing In party or two later πŸ˜‰

I have a Meatless Monday recipe that I really wanted to share today, but I wasn’t able to take photos of it last night so it will have to wait! I guess I was just too busy taking other miscellaneous pictures this weekend:


This started with some retail therapy — I bought new running shoes on Friday during my lunch break. They are very similar to my old shoes (I can’t seem to like anything but Asics!), but thanks to Fleet Feet I got fitted to be sure I’m wearing the right kind of shoes for my busted up feet this time around!


Check out the stairs to my apartment! Most of the Midtown area is severely hazardous these days…those leaves are slippery!! — Not gonna lie, we spent most of this weekend indoors playing board games.


New obsession: pomegranate arils. I had rarely had them before ’cause I’d never bought one and attempted to de-seed it. Not too bad at all!


Except Saturday afternoon! We stopped by Starbucks to get holiday lattes: Eggnog for T-Man, Peppermint pour moi. Then we saw The Sessions. ‘Tis the season for Oscar-worthy flicks! We both agreed that the movie was very good, and definite Oscar bait! (On my To-See list: Lincoln, Life of Pi, Argo, Wreck It Ralph, Silver Linings Playbook…)


Saturday night, I invaded our friends’ kitchen to cook spaghetti squash & meatballs. Add in Guillotine, some adorably shy kittens, and these cookies (omg omg so good), and you’ve got yourself an awesome night!


Egg + bell peppers + hot sauce + a slice of sourdough = My perfect breakfast!

Did you eat anything new or fun this weekend? No seriously, I love hearing about food…

Weekend in Photos

Summer has arrived.

OK, maybe not officially, but it sure does feel like it. For the first time in a while, we spent most of the weekend just relaxing and lounging around. No road trips, no weddings… Just food, friends and lots of sunshine! Maybe too much sunshine — it’s supposed to reach 97 degrees for the next few days! Yikes.

That means finding a new running schedule (by the time my 1pm lunch break runs around, it will already be 90 degrees!), but it also means lots of delicious fruits and veggies will be coming into season, and lots of grilling is on the horizon.

Check out some of the highlights of my weekend:

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