Weekend in Photos

Happy Monday and happy March, friends!

I’m so stoked it’s March. I am a spring + summer lover for sure…Despite the fact that California barely got a winter (drought, anyone?), I’m excited for longer days and sunny skies!


This is the only picture I have from Friday night- a group of friends and I went to check out some Sacramento Beer Week festivities and (as I learned would soon become the norm) the event we wanted to go to was SUPER crowded, so we grabbed a beer at a nearby dive bar instead. My friend Shannon came along and I introduced her to the magical world of Snapchat 😉


On Saturday morning, I suited up for an 11.5 mile run. I ran into my friend Liz (who’s also running the Shamrock’n!) on mile 1, and we ran our first 6 miles together. We were so busy gabbing that we ran at a slightly slower pace than I’m used to, so I decided after we separated that I would go for distance instead of speed, and busted out a 12 miler instead of my planned 11.5. It felt good overall, but my legs were definitely feeling it by the end. I will probably not do another 12 miler before the race!


That afternoon, my mom cashed in on her Christmas present and we went to a Paint Nite event. It was a really fun time and we enjoyed some yummy beer from Drake’s Brewing Co. while we made our masterpieces. My mom is actually an artist and art teacher, so I knew hers (on the left) would turn out great… I don’t think mine was too shabby either, though!


Saturday ended with some selfies, a yummy cocktail courtesy of Miranda, and this weekend’s bad decision: greasy hotdogs at 2am. Totally not Healthy Living Blogger approved…but guess who doesn’t care? #THISGIRL


I woke up abnormally early the next morning and indulged in my favorite time of the week… GROCERY SHOPPING! Yep, I am that cool. I went kinda crazy and ended up buying so much that I needed to get a cart. I looked like a hot mess walking the 4 blocks home with 3 bags of groceries, a 12-pack of toilet paper, and a cup of my newest guilty pleasure (a dirty chai).

P.S. I had a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE coupon for Nutella. WHAT THE WHAT?!


Beer Week was still going strong and I had plans to get lunch at Burgers and Brew, where they were tapping a keg of the rare Pliny the Younger from Russian River Brewing. The line was CRAZY long and most of us had already tried the beer at some point throughout the years, so we opted to just have lunch and taste some mini samplers of the other cool beers they were featuring!


I spent the rest of the afternoon resting up for dodgeball by watching SNL. Then it was off we went! We won 8-2 (and are in the championship game next week!) and I had a great time watching the Oscars afterward at the bar. I may or may not have been belting out Wind Beneath my Wings with Bette Midler…anyone else?

What is your favorite kind of beer?

Favorite Oscar dresses? I loved JLaw, Sandra Bullock, and Amy Adams!

7 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

  1. Awesome job on the run!! You earned those beers! Your half will be here before you know it – can’t wait to read all about it!!

    Confession: I’ve never snap chatted. I’m a snap chat virgin. I don’t even know if I have friends who are cool enough to snapchat. My niece & nephew tell me it’s “way better than texting” though. Lol

    And this post in general just made me want your life! What a fun weekend!

    • Hahah yes you should hear me every Saturday night- “I ran 12 miles this morning… I can eat and drink whatever I want!!!”

      Snapchat is fun….and addictive. Join at your own risk ;P

  2. What a fun weekend!!!! Any type of IPA is my jam but I think you already knew that… I’m obviously not too picky when it comes to alcohol 😉 And I look just like you when trying to hike groceries up to my apartment, just add in a 20 pound bag of dog food. What I do to only make one trip… I am totally going to look into the painting classes around Chicago – everyone’s looks like so much fun!

    • Yes ❤ IPA sisters! Lol and umm my arms/shoulders were legitimately sore from carrying all those groceries. But I NEEDED the bottle of my fav wine that was on sale!! And the 2 jars of Nutella!

      You should def find a painting class in Chicago! It was actually really easy bc they go super slowly and step by step, so even beginners (of which I consider myself one) can make something that looks halfway decent!

  3. I did the SAME thing for my momma for Christmas! Well, except she has yet to cash in on hers, but I’m excited to soon! Also, I really love how much you like beer – the best kinds of ladies can appreciate something hoppy and bitter 🙂

    • Nice! I can’t wait to see how yours turns out. And yesss.. if I can take anything good away from my relationship with my ex, it was that he taught me to drink IPA and whiskey. 😛

  4. Ashley @MilesonOats says:

    Seriously, don’t you love when you set out for a certain amount of miles and then you push for more and blow your own mind?! Best feeling ever. Uhhh break me off a jar of that Nutella woman! haha 😉 The only time I miss “real” meaty burgers is when I see epic pictures like this. What the hecccck. Soy meat isn’t going to shake this craving, good going! 😀

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