Mental Health Day








Let’s say it’s Friday morning at the end of an emotionally and physically draining week and you’re feeling so crummy you’re contemplating just turning around and heading back home. You call your mom, and she just happens to be driving through your neighborhood and offers to pick you up.

It’s a sign, right?

Sometimes, everything falls into place and you realize you just really need to take a personal day. No work, no blogging, just relaxation. And I guess you could probably be convinced to take a side trip to the church to help Mom with a crafty project, since they’re having a potluck anyway. 🙂

Have a good weekend, everyone, and stay cool if you’re here in triple digit Sacramento.


4 thoughts on “Mental Health Day

  1. TOTALLY well-deserved and much needed. Target cures everything. Am I right? Okay, I lied… maybe not EVERYTHING but I hear a girls’ weekend in Napa cure everything that Target can’t. We’ll have to test that theory out in less than 3 weeks!!! I’m so excited to see you I could almost burst! In all seriousness though, you have my number so call me if you need anything 🙂

    • Haha, well Target definitely cured a lot this time! Bought a couple of hats that really came in clutch during this hot ass weekend! And seriously cannot WAIT till Napa!!

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