Weekend in Photos

Welp, another summer weekend come and gone! Sorry for the brief hiatus. I was on quite the emotional roller coaster last week, given last Friday’s events at my alma mater, UC Santa Barbara.

I’m really glad I made the decision to invite a few other Sacramento-area UCSB alumnae to join me at a candlelight vigil at UC Davis honoring the victims of the shooting in Isla Vista on Thursday. It was seriously touching to see one of our sister campuses showing their support and solidarity for the community of which we have so many fond memories.


We were 3 of only a handful of UCSB students/alum who attended, and the fact that we sat in the front row drew some attention — we made it on the evening news! I miraculously made it through my interview without crying (not easy).

You can watch the story here if interested!

ANYWAYYY, on to the weekend.

It had both highs and lows (including another new injury…. I KNOW. I can’t get through a summer without at least one!) but was overall fun, as they usually are 🙂


After a busy day at work on Friday, I went straight to the gym for a quick cardio sesh and then joined Chris at Concerts in the Park. (Hey Chris, you made the blog cut! 😉 ) He had never been before, and I hadn’t been yet this year! The last time I documented a CIP trip was almost exactly 1 year ago. We saw 2 bands, including Joy & Madness, who were super funky and fun. Props to Chris for discovering them and discovering that were playing at CIP! Good find!

Afterward, we headed over to my friend Sayra’s house to drop in on her little shindig, and then it was home by 10pm, because I had an early morning run planned!


Unfortunately, despite wearing the coolest shirt ever for my run (there was a big training group of women that kept passing me and they all loved it) and having beautiful weather, my 8.3 mile run was actually ill-fated…

On mile 3, I was running on the dirt trail alongside the bike path and, not paying attention, stepped on a large round acorn-type thing and rolled my ankle. HARD. I shook it off, thinking I could just keep going and the pain would stop. Plus, I was in the middle of the trail and only had 2 options: turn around and go back 3 miles, or finish the next 5. It was already approaching 9am and I had to be home by 9:30 to catch a carpool, so continuing to run seemed like the right idea at the time…

Hindsight is 20/20!


I made it home in time to catch a ride to drop off campaign literature, but quickly realized the pain in my foot was so bad I could barely walk. I ended up just yelling out addresses from the backseat while my friends delivered door hangers 😦

Knowing my history of breaking bones, I was really worried about the possibility of a fracture, so I called Kaiser. The first available appointment wasn’t until Sunday morning and I wanted to have the peace of mind of knowing what was up. So my wonderful roomie took me to the ER, where preliminary x-rays revealed that my foot is NOT broken! Phew!

I am supposed to stay off it for a few days, so I have a foot brace and crutches. I already hate the crutches with a fiery passion, and found a much more practical use for them on Saturday night at the bar 😉


Sunday afternoon was spent playing Bunco with some lovely ladies, and then I prepped for dodgeball by cutting up my t-shirt. It’s been in the 90’s lately, ain’t nobody got time for sleeves in heat like that!


I of course couldn’t play dodgeball, so I sat on the sideline (OK, I also hobbled around on my brace chasing down balls for my team) and then we went to the bar to celebrate Mikhail’s birthday! Such a ladies man in that picture!

I’m trying to stay off my foot as much as possible over the next few days, because on Thursday I’m heading to Park City for Blend Retreat! I’m hoping to at least be able to join everyone for the hike. Maybe I’ll heal in record time and join in on Friday’s fun run. Crossing my fingers!

Have a great week!

Will you be at Blend this weekend?

Have you ever had to use crutches? Are they not the worst.thing.ever???


4 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

  1. I’m glad you made it to UC Davis. Thoughts and prayers still with all the families.

    As for blend, can’t wait to finally meet you! Funny how we never did when I was in CA 🙂 I’ll be arriving late so no fun run for me but my heel is a bit out of shape too. Hope we are ready for the hike by this weekend! Wine time anytime 😉

  2. KATIE!!! Omg I’m so glad you didn’t break it! Knowing your history….I was sure it would have been worse. You are hilarious though- playing pool your crutch 😉 You are going to have a blast at the blend retreat!

  3. Crutches are the worst!! They hurt your armpits more than anything haha. I can’t wait for concerts in the park – they’re free AND fun! Can’t beat that. And now I want to play dodgeball…that totally does remind me of recess!

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