Weekend in Photos

Hey party people. Was it just me, or was last week insanely long? First week back after vacation, or (in my case) first full week back after a couple of 3 day weeks…Ick. Plus, things have gotten busy busy at work like I mentioned. I’m currently in the process of scheduling about 40 meetings for my bosses that will all happen between next week and the beginning of February. It’s really forcing me to be a little more organized to say the least. Plus, there’s the task of keeping my fun/crazy/unpredictable bosses in check. I constantly feel like the naggy little sister…but I love it!

That being said, I was ready for this weekend, and it was action packed:

On Friday night, my roomie and I had a couple of friends over for a VEGAN Middle East feast! I made hummus (my best, smoothest one yet…I need to post a recipe soon), and spaghetti squash with parsley & mint; my roommate Hanna (slash her boyfriend, who came in clutch when stop & go traffic intervened) bought everything to make falafel and tabouli, Liz (the vegan in the group) brought sorbet, and Lexi brought the wine, plus pomegranates, which are apparently Middle Eastern! Ya learn something new every day.

After hitting up the Macy’s one day sale (I helped T-Man on his yearly shopping trip, haha), T-Man and I made the last minute decision to drive to San Jose for his best friend Mike’s Housewarming party. There were drinks, everyone found out what kinda socks everyone else wears (the house had a No Shoes policy), there was music and lights, and there was hula hooping. Apparently, hula hooping is a thing now??

We went to brunch at Bill’s Cafe and spotted this super sweet pink car outside. It even had pink fuzzy dice in the backseat, pink stuff (and a beach volleyball) in the trunk, and a pink surfboard on top! Then we went back to Mike’s place and, in true Katie fashion, I spotted his neighbor’s pugs and played with them through the fence for a good 10 minutes.

Then last night was the Golden Globes! I love the GG’s because it’s a lot more relaxed since everyone’s eating and drinkin’. I fangirled the whole night over Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as hosts, I only wish they had been in more of the show! I’ve read and loved Tina’s book Bossypants and Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope (Parks & Rec) is my spirit animal.

And I love that they’re old friends – you could tell during their opening monologue that they’ve been doing improv and sketch comedy together for years. Makes me think about my best friend and I doing choreographed Spice Girls dances in our living rooms when we were 10 years old, and recording our version of  SNL sketches  on our iPhones in her dorm.  If we end up at the Golden Globes in 20 years, you all can remind me then that I can officially die happy!

Until that happens, I guess we’ll have to just remember that we saw the Spice Girls in Los Angeles in 2007, so we can still die happy.

13 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

    • I definitely will soon – the prep for this dinner party was too crazy for me to snap any photos (plus the lighting in my apt is awful at night) so I’ll have to do a step-by-step recipe soon! I couldn’t believe how similar to store-bought the texture of this batch was!

    • Definitely not too bad for a Sunday at noon! There were 5 of us so we had to wait about 30 minutes. Pretty much would have ran into a wait wherever we went at that time though 😉

    • It was sooo easy to make everything vegan too! Basically just didn’t sprinkle feta on top of some of the stuff like I might’ve usually! And no lamb, I guess. Haha..

    • I totally forgot it was this weekend until I saw a commercial on, like, Friday night haha. I love watching awards shows, but if I don’t see them live I usually don’t bother trying to rewatch them!

  1. The middle east feast sounds mind blowing amazing! Hummus, pitas, herbs?? Heavenn! And my bestie and I totally used to choreograph dances in our rooms, too haha! I think we made a couple to faith hill?!

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