Father’s Day Weekend in Photos

Hello all. Hope you had a fun weekend celebrating dads! And if you’re anywhere in Northern California, hopefully you stayed cool this weekend. Summer is definitely upon us here in Sacramento, as we topped 100 degrees this weekend and have lots more 90+ degree days in sight.

Since I’d rather not pass out in a heap on the ground and cause a frenzy outside of the State Capitol, where I usually do my lunchtime jogs, I’ve been focusing on ways to exercise indoors. Using the elliptical, doing 8 minute abs, and playing dodgeball twice per week seems to be doing the trick! Also, biking everywhere helps. Although I get really into it and pretend I’m a speed racer, so I end up sweaty and out of breath wherever I go…

The funniest bike story I’ve ever heard has to be from my best friend Joanna: when she started school at UCSD, she bought a bike and said that when she rode it at night, she would hum this song from Wizard of Oz in her head. Bahaha, those evil flying monkeys. Maybe we’re just weird, but I thought that was hilarious.

Aaaaand I’ve gotten off track. Here’s photos from the weekend.


Everyone in our office is pretty excited about Obama’s announcement on Friday — I baked my go-to Orange Creamsicle Cookies for T-Man’s work BBQ (recipe to come!) — Work BBQ led to us escorting one of T-Man’s coworkers to the ER… whoops.

Successfully made my first custard on Saturday (for a pie based on Joy the Baker’s Strawberry Banana Cream Pie) — Isn’t it purdy? — P.S. It was 106 degrees. Time for pool + excessive sunscreen. P.P.S. Promise I’m not nekkid!

That day, my dad also got his grilled Father’s Day meal! — I made all the sides: quinoa stuffed zucchini, grilled asparagus, and rosemary potato skewers — Ain’t my pie still purdy?

It cooled down outside, but not in my apartment… — Pretty sunset — Spicy crockpot chicken that some lucky guy gets to eat in his lunch this week 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the week and stay cool!

7 thoughts on “Father’s Day Weekend in Photos

    • I loved it too! I don’t think I had ever done it before, for fear of the asparagus falling through the grates… Good luck finding indoor workouts!

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