Friday Faves

1. This article about Julia Child.

This week would have been her 100th birthday! For someone who loves cooking, and lived in France for a year, there’s still a lot I don’t know about Julia Child.  This article in particular is pretty heartwarming, and makes me glad to be in a relationship where my interests and aspirations are respected. Though whenever I read about her husband, I will always picture Stanley Tucci….

2. Having one finger back.

With my smaller cast, I can now write (kind of) and braid my hair again!

It’s the little things.

3. Veggie Sandwiches.

I bought some amazing bread at the farmer’s market last week, but am rushing to finish it all before it goes bad! This sando had roasted red & green bell peps, tomatoes from my dad’s garden, spinach, and low fat sun-dried tomato shmear. The bread is pretty hefty, and I feel like roasted peppers are a tasty substitute for lunch meat. Sometimes I use eggplant instead, which is just as good!

4. Dips, dips, dips.

I’ve almost gone through an entire extra large tub of cilantro jalapeno hummus in 1 week’s time. I have a problem. I can’t stop pinning amazing dip recipes. I’m going to a barbecue tonight and have been dubbed “good at cooking & stuff” so I want to bring something homemade… But which one to choose? I need a food processor…stat.

5. Almond milk.

Remember when I shared my secret tip with you all about adding French Vanilla creamer to your oatmeal? Try almond milk! So good!

After my doctor told me that my broken hand hadn’t healed, I went straight to the store and bought the milk with the highest calcium content I could find: almond milk. I later realized it was unsweetened and kinda gross on its own. But in oatmeal and in smoothies? SO GOOD! Plus, being unsweetened means way fewer calories. Only 30 per cup!

What were your favorite things this week?