Treat Yourself Tuesday

It’s time to TREAT YO SELVES, friends!

Treat-Yourself-Tuesday-BadgeEvery Tuesday, my dear friend Becky over at Olives n’ Wine hosts a linkup encouraging bloggers to share in which ways – big or small – they have treated themselves over the past week. I love this idea and think everyone should find at least one way to treat themselves each week!

As I mentioned yesterday, tomorrow is my first day of work. As you can imagine, I’ve been taking advantage of my last days of “freedom”, aka too much free time on my hands.

I started last night by spending some time catching up on all the TV shows that are back this month- New Girl, How I Met Your Mother (OMG, does everyone else love the Mother as much as I do?! I have such a girl crush. Can’t wait for them to meet!), Girls (ugh the premieres were so so good! I laughed out loud too much!), and I got through almost half of the Downton Abbey premiere before I got kinda bored and went to bed…oops. Haha. I normally love it, I think I was just in the mood for comedies last night, so I wasn’t feeling Lady Mary’s doom and gloom.

I set out to make today equal parts productive AND treat yo self worthy. I woke up bright and early (I’ve been going to bed and waking up early lately to get back into my routine!) and did my weekly 3 mile run. It’s always strange to go from my long run on Saturdays to only 3 miles on Tuesdays.. But I know it’s important not to overdo it! Plus, I have 5 miles to look forward to on Thursday morning 😉


It was super chilly when I went, but check out the high temp today.. 71 degrees?! Isn’t this January?! Not great news for that drought California is experiencing right now..


Next up was a movie date with myself! I actually did this for my own version of a Treat Yourself day back in the day…I decided since American Hustle was playing downtown and I’ve been wanting to see it, I’d take advantage of the opportunity while I still had some free time! It was SO good. Amy Adams was phenomenal.. Actually, the whole cast was!

Afterward, I made the mistake of walking past Express…


I know I may be on a budget.. But I have been eying this LBD (little black dress) for over a month! I tried it on twice, and put it back twice, because of the $80 price tag… When I spotted it today, there was 1 left, it was in MY SIZE, and it was only $30. It was meant to be. #treatyoself #amen

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 5.17.32 PM Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 5.18.04 PM

I also ended up with this tank and this sweater. They were both on sale for half off the sale price! I couldn’t resist.

Speaking of shopping..


Did anyone else check out Target’s C9 sale last week? Love that stuff! I pretty much anticipate only wearing workout clothes and work clothes for the next…forever 😛 Seriously. That’s all I wear.

In sum: TV shows, running, the movies, and shopping…Definitely sounds like a successful Treat Yourself Tuesday to me!!

What TV shows are you loving right now? I love all the ones I mentioned, but my all-time fave is Mad Men.

Last great movie you saw in theaters?