1-Year Blogiversary

I mentioned on Monday that Cinco de Mayo marked the anniversary of my “1st” recipe post (and 2nd post ever) on this blog. Well, my “first” post was back on May 4th, 2012…so I’m a bit off. But I figured I’d commemorate the event anyway.

I keep on using quotations because I have actually been blogging much longer than just one year. No, I’m not talking about Xanga or Livejournal (though…okay, yes, I had those too). But I started blogging at this address when I came back from France in September of 2010 as a jobless college grad. For a little more than 6 months, I blogged about living at home, setting goals for myself in my job search, and eventually I started posting recipes I was trying and creating myself.

my first soup created from scratch!

{oh my god you guys, i just found my Xanga. it is so bad. my username is sPeLLeD LiKe tHiS. i wrote in it until i was a sophomore in college. WTF?!}

When my internship started picking up and I was hired at my current job, I didn’t really have much to blog about anymore. Life was good, I got a boyfriend, and started making new friends in Sacramento outside of those I already had. It was about 1 year ago, when Hanna and I were preparing to move into our apartment, that I decided (finally heeding T-Man’s advice, I might add) to re-start my blogging, but with a different focus: food and healthy living!

1 year later, I took on an entire Cinco de Mayo meal!

Before I started blogging, I had been reading blogs and acquired quite the list of bookmarks on my bookmark menu at work. When I re-started my blog, I finally started commenting on those blogs and clicked through to fellow commenters’ sites to find more blogs to read.

While I definitely had unrealistic dreams about how many visitors I’d get and ad revenue possibilities I could utilize (My blog has netted about $15 profit this year, thanks WordAds), what I found was so much better. There is a huge community of bloggers who may not have the most Facebook likes or Twitter followers, but who diligently comment, like, and re-tweet! I feel so grateful for all the followers I have, and the friends I’ve made.

This time last year, I read about the Blend Retreat and thought it sounded so fun – I never dreamed that I’d be attending Blend 2013! But next weekend I will be in Park City, Utah meeting tons of bloggers in person, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Enough of the cheesy stuff. In honor of my 1-year Blogiversary, here are my top 5 posts and top 5 recipe posts!

Top 5 Posts
  1. Skinny vs Attractive vs Healthy — In which I pontificate on the need to be “skinny” and urge my readers not to compare themselves to others.
  2. Healthy Weight Loss: My Story (And Tips!) — A chronicle of my post-college journey to lose a few pounds.
  3. Throwback Thursday: My Weight Loss Before & After Photos — Written just last week, this post was clearly really popular.
  4. An Ode to my Cast — A silly rhyming post with pictures of me and my cast. I expected to be free of it the day after I wrote the post, but ended up in a removable half-cast for an additional 3 weeks.
  5. Making a Meal Plan, Part 1 — I’m laughing because this was called “Part 1” and there was never a Part 2. When T-Man was working on a busy political campaign, I helped him make a weekly meal plan that he…kind of…followed.
Top 5 Recipes
  1. Tomato Sauce from Scratch: Who Needs Therapy?IMG_1394This blog post was featured on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed, sending me over 2,000 views in 2 days (my best traffic ever!) Some lovely photos on Foodgawker have kept readers coming back.
  2. Meatless Monday: Spicy Black Bean BurgersIMG_2482My first foray into homemade veggie burgers remains my best to date. Another Foodgawker favorite!
  3. Post-Thanksgiving Banana Bread MuffinsDSC_0114Perfect muffins for when you need something that is healthy, but doesn’t taste healthy.
  4. Meatless Monday: Curry Chickpea FrittersIMG_2526Totally forgot about these bad boys! Based on a delicious Curry Hummus recipe from EdiblePerspective.com, I am totally going to revisit these soon.
  5. Meatless Monday: Chickpea and Red Pepper Veggie BurgersDSC_0391Chickpeas again! Apparently a lot of people are looking for chickpea recipes. These are definitely more “burger” like than the above recipe. Tasty too!

Again, thank you for reading my blog. Here’s to another year!

How long have you been blogging?

Are you ever surprised by which posts are the most viewed on your site? I was pretty surprised by some of these!