Thanksgiving Weekend in Photos

Hello and I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! Mine was really great, filled with friends, family & remembering how much I have to be thankful for…

  • My family’s health! {This time last year, we were mourning the loss of my grandpa…it’s nice to all be in good health this year}
  • Having the freedom to explore my dreams and establish my nascent young professional career {bahaha so cheesy, but true}
  • A great apartment and roommate!
  • All the friends I’ve made this year through dodgeball & Young Dems
  • A body {& spirit} resilient enough to come back from 2 broken bones to run 2 10Ks this year!

Alright that’s all the sappy stuff I’ll get into for now 😛 Et voila, Thursday through Sunday:


Thanksgiving started out with the Run to Feed the Hungry 10k Run and 5K Run/Walk, a Sacramento tradition that benefits the Sacramento Food Bank that brought out 30,000+ Sacramentans this year! It was such an incredible experience, definitely my preferred race to date. The race was packed, which was great for energy/morale. East Sac residents also camped out on their lawns to cheer us on- some passed out water, others played live music, and I even spotted a few mimosa stations!!

I improved upon my old 10K time (1:02:27) by a whopping 6 and a half minutes. I don’t even know what happened – I pretty much sprinted my last 1.2 miles…my dad even got a picture of me grinning like an idiot when I spotted him in the homestretch:


Who smiles like that after running 6 miles?!


After that awesome experience, I was ready to EAT. We fed 13 people total, since most of my dad’s Bay Area family made the trek to my parents house for his 60th birthday! We had an awesome spread- my contribution this year was cranberry-pomegranate sauce and maple chipotle sweet potatoes. Both recipes were from Women’s Health and were both deelish!


On Friday, I headed over to the mall to do some shopping since I knew I’d need some interview clothes this week. I did some damage, getting a blazer, interview dress, hooded exercise tee, blouse, crop top, boots and a sweater…for I’m guessing about $200 total? Not too shabby!


On Friday night, I reunited with an old friend over drinks and darts – unfortunately, my Cricket skills didn’t hold up after this picture was taken -_-


On Saturday, we had a party for my dad’s 60th and a few other milestones – this November marks the 25th anniversary of him starting his business, and the 20th anniversary of our family moving to Sacramento! Our good friends who just started a food truck – SLIGHTLY SKEWED – catered…they are so good! Check them out on Facebook, Sacramentans!

20131202-134237.jpgAfter meeting up with more old friends for another drink on Saturday night after the party, I felt the need to punish myself on Sunday morning…. with a 7 mile run?! I kept it slow and steady the whole time, but it was still pretty rough, ending in a blood blister. Maybe this means it’s time for new shoes??

Lots of fun stuff on the horizon for me this week, including a new {temporary} job and interviews! Send all your good vibes my way!

Did you do a Thanksgiving Day run?

Black Friday – Yay or Nay? I don’t usually partake, but I caved this year…

Weekend in Photos

Hello everyone and happy Thanksgiving week!

Sorry for the brief hiatus…suffice it to say, there have been a lot of changes in my life lately. Luckily for me, said changes have actually resulted in a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. Thanksgiving is coming at a perfect time for me – I feel very fortunate for everything I have right now. And I’ve only got good things coming! How’s that for vague? 😉

We are hosting Thanksgiving this year because Thursday is my dad’s 60th birthday! My mom and I are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for {almost} my dad’s whole side of the family. That’s 14 people… BRING IT! I’m so excited to cook for and be with the family on Thursday! Not to mention I’m doing Run To Feed the Hungry (my second 10K) that morning. Am I overachieving? Maybe… 😉

photo 1

On to the weekend! It started early for me when I went to Jamie’s Broadway Grille for lunch on Friday with Dave. I had never even heard of this neighborhood gem, which has been on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. We had amaaaaazing French Onion Soup (See above, the photo doesn’t do it justice! It was SOOOO good!) and split a steak sandwich, which was cooked perfectly. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to check out a classic Sacramento spot!

Jamie's Broadway Grille on Urbanspoon

That evening, I watched Catching Fire with Yvette, Lisa & Kristin. No pictures of that…because we were so ENTHRALLED by the movie! It was seriously good! I read all three books and don’t remember being as satisfied and impressed with the first movie. I thought it was excellent all around. Definitely recommend!

photo 2

After the movie, we met up with friends to grab drinks. At one point Yvette and I were super awkward and decided to hide beneath our jackets/scarves to avoid being seen by people we knew. Haha. Is anyone else there really weird about running into people they know in public? No? Just me? Ok.

The night ended with the most glorious piece of pizza from Luigi’s. Just look at how adoringly I’m gazing at that thing. Glad Kristin insisted on pizza, because it soaked up the IPA’s I drank and allowed me to wake up the next morning feeling well enough to….

photo 3-2

…run 6 miles! Who am I?! I wanted to get one last really long run in before my 10K on Thursday, and that I did. I have been switching it up lately with my route and running to McKinley Park (~1.5 miles away) instead of Capitol Park (.5 miles away), which has forced me to increase my distance. I’m feeling great going into my 10K, and really hoping I can break 1:00:00!

I’m also only 9.8 miles away from my 40 mile running goal this month, so with a 4 mile run tomorrow and my race, I’ll achieve that goal!

photo 5

On Saturday night I stayed in and cuddled up with Love Actually and a cup of tea. It was a much needed relaxation night…just to be met with an epic brunch at Limelight on Sunday morning! You can’t beat $7 bottomless mimosas… Especially when you and your 4 friends are apparently thirsty enough to require the server to just leave the carafe at your table 😉

Also, can I just point out that I finished that entire plate of food? Both habanero-chicken sausages, both eggs, both pieces of toast, and all the potatoes. I pretty much wiped it all clean with the toast. I must have still been hungry after my long run the morning before?! I felt like a bottomless pit!

photo 4

The weekend ended with a dodgeball tie (waaah!) and more TV on my iPad. Consider this picture this week’s installment of “reasons why you should be glad you’re not my friend on Snapchat”….

Enjoy your Monday!

What are you contributing to Thanksgiving dinner?

Are you running a Thanksgiving/Turkey Trot race?

Weekend in Photos

Going back to work after a long holiday weekend is the worst.

It’s especially the worst when you’ve got abdominal pain like nobody’s business. I’ve been having stomach problems for nearly 6 months now, and though all the food was delicious, the fact that I had three, count ’em, 3 Thanksgiving meals didn’t help. My body is screaming for help.

What are your tried and true at-home stomach remedies? For upset stomach, nausea, acid reflux — SPILL! I need it all.

Back to the subject at hand:

Thanksgiving. We had three of them. Two on Thursday (above: my family’s, below: his dad’s) and one on Friday (right: his mom’s). I love seeing all the differences in family traditions: my family shows up early in the day, mostly clad in sweatpants, and does everything buffet style. Our other thanksgivings were a little less casual, with sit down dinners. And I’m pretty sure they had no sandal-wearers at the table.

Friday morning, we went on a little hike in Napa (where most of T-Man’s family lives) with T’s brother to burn off some turkey. Northern California had beautiful weather all weekend!

We came back to Sacramento on Saturday to celebrate (har har, see the name of the beer?) T-Man’s birthday with our friends…….Which led to Sunday brunch at Golden Bear. We’ve been to Golden Bear many times, usually for dinner, or late night drinks, but never brunch! I got Chilaquiles (top) with an over easy egg on top…chilaquiles are quickly becoming my favorite brunch item! T-Man got the Breakfast Lucy (bottom), which is a ridiculous open-faced spin on their normal Juicy Lucy burger. Our friends got the breakfast sando and breakfast burrito and were both also satisfied. Golden Bear might have to be our new go-to brunch spot!

The Golden Bear on Urbanspoon

After brunch, I went to my parents’ house to help put up holiday decorations. Check out all those boxes we lug down from the attic every year! Also, my mom gave me a couple of books to bring home. Story of my life: baking cookies and having stomach problems. FML.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Don’t let the Monday blues get you down! (and I will try to do the same :-P)

A Birthday + Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is a special day. But today…today, my friends, is an even specialer day.

It’s T-Man’s birthday! Aaawwwww yeah.

While he’s out and about trying to scramble to get contact lenses before he loses his dad’s health insurance (blast!), let me share with you some fun facts about T-Man (which I guess could double as reasons why I love the guy):

  • Board games? This guy will kill you in them. Settlers of Catan? Wiz War? Dominion? Get ready to be crushed.
  • He will kick your ass in dodgeball:

  • He played a HUGE part in helping get this guy elected.
  • He is blind as a bat. No significance to this fact, I just think he looks cute in his glasses.
  • He’s a sharp dresser!

  • Think you know a lot? Think again. T-Man listens to so many podcasts, he can spout more random facts than you could ever dream of.
  • He takes his steak rare. Like a man.
  • He’s as goofy as I am.

  • He’s a great frickin’ wedding date. Small talk at the table full of people you don’t know? Check. Dancin’ machine? Check. Keeps your drinkin’ glass filled? Check and check.
  • Best Dungeon Master ever.
  • Ever heard of the Boy Scouts? T-Man practically INVENTED Boy Scouts!!!
  • Speaking of Boy Scouts, T-Man earned his Eagle Scout award, the highest achievement in Boy Scouts, but turned it down because they wouldn’t let his openly gay friend get the award. That’s SOLIDARITY, yo.
  • He’s from Napa. So he knows a thing or to about how to wine and dine ya!

  • Homeboy might not know how to cook many things, but he makes a great sous chef.
  • T-Man will show everyone up at the race tracks. He does his research, like the educated GAMBLER he is!
  • Think you like hot sauce? This guy’s entire CRISPER DRAWER is reserved exclusively for hot sauce bottles. No lettuce for T-Man!!!
  • He’s outdoorsy!
  • When he was younger, he looked like……… someone….. hint hint, rhymes with Sherry Spotter

Happy birthday my sweet!

Last night, I made treats for T-Man’s birthday, as well as something portable to bring to our multiple Thanksgivings.

T-Man is a Rice Krispies Treat FIEND, and I’ve been telling him they’re soo easy to make. We stopped at Grocery Outlet (super cheap bargain supermarket) for ingredients, but they didn’t have any Rice Krispies, so I improvised:

As for the Thanksgiving treat, I used my family’s famous Snickerdoodle recipe and jazzed it up with the addition of…. PUMPKIN!

Here’s our Snickerdoodle assembling station. In addition to a touch of pumpkin puree being added to the dough, we rolled the cookies in not just cinnamon and sugar, but a touch of pumpkin pie spice as well 🙂

Funny story: should I still find myself blogging and living in Sacramento, I will probably be writing a post with an identical title exactly a year from now, but for a different reason. Next year, my dad’s birthday lands on Thanksgiving!

Have a great time celebrating with your friends and/or family! What food are you looking forward to the most? I can’t wait to eat French fried onion rings off of the green bean casserole all day long…