Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits

I love bagels.

Who doesn’t, right? I used to prefer them with butter or peanut butter (drool). But one summer in college when I was provided them every morning before my 12-16 hour work days, I realized that when a hot, toasted bagel was covered in cream cheese it was not only super delicious, but also easier to shove down my gullet.

My favorite bagel? Cheddar Jalapeno. Cheesy…..spicy…..amazing. A month or two ago, I looked up the recipe for how to make them. I thought it would be easy.. I mean, I’ve made pizza dough and homemade bread before; how different could it be? Then I realized that it was a nearly 24-hour long process. I gave up my cheddar jalapeno dreams right then and there, and sent them away to the back of my mind.

Then, in a moment of brilliance this weekend, I really wanted to tackle biscuits and realized that I could have both! Thus was born: Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits.

I based my recipe off of a couple of different ones, but it most closely resembles the Cheddar Bacon Green Onion Biscuits over at Table for Two. I made a few tweaks…unfortunately, there is no bacon in my recipe like there is in Julie’s. Instead, I bring you jalapenos. I hope that makes up for it! I found that the jalapenos and green onions had a very similar taste in the biscuits, and made a really good pair. Continue reading