Memorial Day Weekend in Photos

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Hope you all got a bit of sunshine this weekend. I definitely did, for the most part. A little drizzly out there now, but we’re in for 100 degrees by the end of the week so dare I say I’m enjoying the cool air while I can!

I kept it easy on Friday night with some wine and TV shows, and on Saturday morning the real fun began:


After going to a deeelicious European-style breakfast (AKA pastries galore!) at Ettores Bakery, I headed to Safeway to get some supplies for my contribution to that afternoon’s tea party. I also picked up a basil plant and was upset to see that one of the coolest sidewalk graffitis in my area totally got defaced. womp womp.

20130527-220704.jpgOn the agenda for the day was a tea party and lawn sports for Morgan’s birthday! After consuming copious amounts of boozy lemonade and sangria out of homemade teacups (along with some snacks, including my key lime pie tartlets!), we went to the park and played croquet and bocce ball. PERFECT afternoon.

20130527-220640.jpgI thought I looked the part, no? T-Man was dressed for a different kind of tea party 😉


I spent the night watching cheesy episodes of The Office involving Jim and Pam. I cry 3-4 times every time I watch their wedding episode…anyone with me? {ps. I STILL haven’t seen any of the finale season! Blahhh so behind}


On Sunday, I decided to make a quick trip to San Francisco. Hopped on the train and hightailed it to my friend Meghan’s place. We went and got dinner and drinks at Fly Bar, where I had an epic plate of nachos that I shared with my old roomie So-Ky. Meghan got what she called a “bacon on bacon salad”, which had bacon in it AND in the vinaigrette. Awesome.


This morning, we went to brunch at Stacks and I got a delicious scramble before catching a ride with another friend who was headed back to Sac. It was drizzling and there was a TON of fog, more than I had seen in SF in a long time. We couldn’t even see the Golden Gate bridge as we were driving over it! Crazy!

That’s it for now! Hope you all had a great 3-day weekend!