Meatless Monday: Veggie Curry

In college, Meatless Monday was a product of the hippies on campus who set up shop along the bike path with their wooden painted signs, or in the plaza with their info booth, or in the dining commons, with their…. Well, you get the picture. They were everywhere. Whether you agree with the method of hardcore MM fans, the concept is simple: cut meat out of your diet once a week to help the environment, animals, and your health.

For me post-college, Meatless Monday isn’t really a political practice as much as it is a way for me to practice my laziness and cheapness. Meat is expensive. Plus, I usually buy it in bulk and freeze it so it takes a long time to thaw and prepare. Plusssss, eating too much of it is unhealthy!

I’m also always on a mission to prove to my boyfriend that a meal can be filling and tasty even when it doesn’t involve a steak. So I present my first Meatless Monday recipe! (He loved this, btw)

Curry is much easier to make from scratch than most people think. It may not be super authentic, but your taste buds will love this simple dish. My favorite part was the addition of chopped green olives! The briny olives really complemented the spicy sauce. Enjoy!

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