Weekend in Photos

Good morning friends!

Hope you all had a good weekend and that your Monday isn’t too miserable. I just successfully replaced our water cooler jug – broken thumb and all – without spilling any water, so it’s safe to say I feel like a rock star this morning. Haha. It’s the little things 🙂

Sorry about the very intermittent posting these past few weeks. It can mostly be chalked up to the aforementioned broken thumb, and the fact that using a computer mouse sucks big time. That all changes soon, though, because I’ve only got 2 days left before the cast comes off. Not that I’ve been keeping track…


Just imagine I took this picture this morning, and that it says 2 days 😉 I actually do have things I’ve been wanting to post about…like that I registered for a big race in 2 weeks!! But more on that later!


Just like last week, I kicked off my weekend with what is quickly becoming my favorite no-cook Friday night dinner: crackers, cheese, fruit & wine! Nutella might have made an appearance later in the evening 😉 I also watched 4 more episodes of Orange is the New Black…only one left! Such a great show, I almost don’t want to watch the finale because I don’t want it to end.


Saturday morning, I suffered through a very long run (my longest yet!)…I had a side cramp for the first 2 miles, but still exceeded my 4.75 mile goal and am hopefully on track to run 6.2 miles in 2 weeks. I followed it up with a protein smoothie: frozen mango, Chobani plain yogurt, vanilla Plant Fusion protein powder, and a little bit of almond milk.

As much as I love change, I realized this weekend that I’ve been following the same Saturday morning run + farmer’s market routine for almost 2 months straight now. It’s nice to carve out a little bit of “me” time every week!


So off to the farmer’s market I went – I actually didn’t get too much stuff this week, since I went out for lunch a couple times last week and still had a lot of produce left. I did get some flowers for myself, and fresh eggs, which I then whipped up into an massive lunch with ONLY Farmer’s Market ingredients: scrambled egg + squash & eggplant + salsa.


Lest you think I spend my entire weekends eating clean, running almost 5 miles, and being totally G-rated, I present to you: Saturday night. My friend Danny had an SNL-themed Pub Crawl for his birthday, and Yvette and I dressed up as the Delicious Dish/Schweddy Balls ladies (complete with chocolate balls made by Yvette!). We even found a Pete Schweddy no less than 1 hour into the night! Score! There were some amaazing costumes, our group was definitely quite a sight to see.


I also decided to wear a few sharpies around my neck and let all my friends sign my cast, since it’s coming off soon anyway. My only rule was “no profanity, but if you must, write it on the underside“…. And of course, I ended up with a dick on the underside. But hey, I got a cute guy’s number too, so it all evens out 😉


Yesterday was probably one of the best Lazy Sunday/Sunday Fundays in recent memory. Most of the afternoon was spent on the patio at Burgers and Brew enjoying perfect weather and, well… burgers and brew. Haha. Followed by fro yo for dinner, another amazing episode of Breaking Bad, and N*Sync at the VMA’s…it was a good day.

Just a few more days and then I get a 3-day weekend! Even so, I hate Labor Day.. it always marked the end of summer throughout childhood. Time to soak up these last days of summer!

Do you have any routines that you stick to every day or every week?

What did you think of the VMA’s?

Weekend in Photos

Oh boyyyy was it hard getting out of bed this morning. Seriously…I severely underestimated how tired I would be with Daylight Savings, and overestimated my willpower to get up after just one snooze. This is all karma for me being the DST cheerleader yesterday. Let’s just say I’ll probably be staying late at work today to make up for some lost time 😉


Friday night, we played Settlers of Catan with two friends. Can’t decide if I’m embarrassed or proud that we played it twice last week!


Saturday, we drove to Palo Alto for T-Man’s grandpa’s 80th birthday. Here are two of his grandparents’ kitties. 🙂


Dick’s special dinner was at Chef Chu’s in Los Altos. Suffice it to say, it was an epic meal. Clockwise from top left: Peking Duck & Hoisin sauce on bao, the whole spread (General Tso’s chicken, Mongolian beef, a whole fish, candied prawns…), and the fish! It was fried with a sweet/sticky sauce. And those are its eyeball sockets. No one was brave enough to eat them 😛


T-Man and my fortune cookies were EERILY accurate. T-Man is notorious for exaggerating embellishing his stories, and something unusual just happened at my work – there are definitely big changes coming up! We drove home just in time to see Justin Timberlake (and a whole host of other guest stars) on SNL. Always amazing!


Woke up bright and early on Sunday morning and did some much-needed spring cleaning. My room is like a shoebox, so messes pile up quickly!


I tried to balance out all that meat from the night before with some clean eats on Sunday. After working up an appetite cleaning, I had breakfast/lunch: black beans mashed with coconut milk, an egg, cheese and sriracha! Then, I went shopping and decided not to buy this dress that made me look like a 9 year old girl. For dinner: roasted broccoli and cauliflower, mixed greens, avocado and cannellini beans……and a beer on the balcony.

Not a bad weekend!

Also, can I just say that I meant to post this about an hour ago, but got distracted by:


Ancestry.com. My parents made an account a year ago and I seriously just lost myself on that website! I was just interested in finding out all of my ethnic origins, and stuff got waaay complicated. All I know for sure is that only 3 of my 8 great-grandparents were purebreds: one Swede, one Italian, and one Irish. As for the rest of ’em, I may have to just simplify things and call them Anglo-Germanic Czechoslowegians….PLUS, I found out the family of my mom’s dad has been in America since the 1600’s! Fascinating.

Daylight Savings… thumbs up or thumbs down?

Ever tried out Ancestry.com?

Weekend in Photos

Well, another weekend has come and gone. I’d say I had a pretty good balance of work and play, as well as rest and excitement this weekend. But even so, I neeever seem to feel like I got enough sleep. But I guess that is my lot in life, since my ideal night of sleep lasts 9-10 hours…haha.


Friday night, we went to Bombay Bar & Grill, our favorite Indian place in town. Our favorites are their Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Makhani (which T-Man got extra spicy this time and severely regretted it!!), but I’ve been trying out their veggie dishes the last few times. The Mushroom Masala hit the spot for me this time! Our friend Nate ordered salmon cooked in their tandoori oven, and it was phenomenal. And I’ve never met a naan bread I didn’t like 😉

Bombay Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

As we are so often wont to do, we went home and played games/drank wine with our visiting friends. I gave this Cupcake red blend a try, and it was alright, but I’ll stick to my Menage a Trois and Apothic Red!


The next morning, I restocked my pantry before going to work on some essays for an application I’m working on. I also made some awesome breakfast nachos, and I think I can cross another item off my Cooking Bucket List, because I made baked potato soup {and sneaked in some cauliflower!}… I also baked up a batch of my healthy banana muffins for breakfast this week!


Saturday night we went to our dodgeball league’s Colors Pub Crawl. The premise was for everyone to wear a color indicating their relationship status. Couples are shunned to wear black, so I was determined to make it cute! Cue the bathroom selfie. After a few stops, we went home and watched SNL. I actually kinda liked the Biebs as host, but the highlight for me is always my boyfriend Seth Meyers. Luv you boo!


Sunday morning brought typical Sunday brunch, which we always do when T-Man’s friends come to town. We waited 40 minutes to try a new place, Bacon & Butter. It definitely didn’t disappoint on the bacon front! I got the B&B Potatoes with eggs, crispy shallots, cheese and giant lardons. T-Man and Nate both got Grilled Cheese Benedict – instead of English muffins, this eggs benedict was made on Challah bread grilled cheese sandwiches! The whole menu was extremely decadent, so this definitely won’t be a weekly occurrence, but it was really good.

Bacon & Butter on Urbanspoon

Since we woke up pretty early to (unsuccessfully) beat the brunch rush, T-Man and I promptly spent the rest of the day on the couch finishing Season 2 of Downton Abbey. I wasn’t stoked on the first season, but the second season definitely sucked me in (it was the opposite for T-Man…apparently I am a bigger fan of romantic tension than he is!). Some of the current season was spoiled for me last week, but strangely enough it hasn’t affected my enjoyment!

Was your weekend lazy or exciting?

Do you watch Downton Abbey? Do you love or hate Lady Mary? (this is a point of contention between T-Man and I haha)