Skinny vs. Attractive vs. Healthy

Normally, this blog is about food, recipes, products I like, etc, but I also like to discuss health, nutrition, and body image from time to time. Let me know what you all think about this subject!

Does this dress make my butt look big?

Last week, I was having a conversation with my boyfriend after I got home from work. He was still at the office, and I remarked that I had left all of my laundry at his house and I didn’t have any non-workout or non-PJ shorts to wear to dodgeball. (Now that I’m injured, I still go to watch and yell at the refs cheer.)

T-Man suggested that I should ask my roommate if she had a pair of shorts I could borrow. I chuckled to myself and told him, “Nice try, but there’s no way I could fit in her shorts.” As any good boyfriend would, he immediately responded with a barrage of compliments about how I have a great body, how he really loved how I looked in my work outfit that morning, how I’m soooo thin, and the like.

I paused and thought to myself, “By admitting that another girl is smaller than me, should that be interpreted to mean that I’m saying I think she has a better body, or I’m not attractive?” Continue reading