Weekend in Photos

Happy Monday! Or should I say….. crappy Monday:


You’d think I would’ve learned last year when my back tire was stolen that I need to bring my bike up to my balcony every.night. My balcony was occupied when I got home last night so I told myself I’d move it later…but of course forgetful Katie + an early bedtime = did not remember to go back downstairs for it before I went to sleep. Oops!

Determined to not let that set my day on a bad path, let’s remember a fantastic weekend, shall we?


I came home on Friday only to be greeted by this adorable lab, Lucy. My roommate’s parents dropped her off with us for the weekend! While Lucy and Hanna went and had a play date with some other dogs and their humans, I stayed back and enjoyed my Friday night wine + cheese & crackers + Netflix. I was so happy to have a new Parks & Rec to look forward to!


I woke up early on Saturday morning and was surprised it was brisk enough (in the high 50s/low 60s!) to require a t-shirt and leggings for my morning run! Usually I wear a tank and shorts. Lucy was a great running partner, but I definitely have shin splints from all the stop + go I did to control her, and from the increased speed at which we were jogging she dragged me along.


I rode my bike over to Kristin’s apartment and we took light rail to the Megabus, which took us over the new Bay Bridge into San Francisco for one of the last Giants games of the season! I woke up CRAVING those garlic fries, and they didn’t disappoint.

I hadn’t been to a Giants game since 2006…my friend Jordan’s parents have season tix and were kind enough to let us go with Jordan and his girlfriend (both good college friends of mine I hadn’t seen since graduation!).


We missed the first 3 innings due to traffic (and Megabus leaving, like, 20 minutes late), but we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day at AT&T Park. It was in the mid 70’s and sunny, with not a cloud in the sky.

After a couple of margaritas at Pedro’s, we stopped at Safeway to stock up on some essentials for the tipsy bus ride back to Sacramento. (I am obsessed with kombucha and Nutella, as you all know. And apparently I get carsick now…the bus ride there was not pleasant!)


After sleeping 11 hours on Saturday night (11pm-10am. Apparently, I needed it!), my project for Sunday was to prepare beignets for Monday Night Football tonight. Every week, my friend David hosts MNF and he makes a dish native to the city hosting the game. I’ve actually been meaning to write a post about what I’ve brought (maybe even a new weekly series)…Tonight, they’re in New Orleans, so to go along with Dave’s gumbo, I prepped some beignets! They are currently chillin in the fridge, ready to be plopped in the deep fryer and covered in powdered sugar. Hope they turn out!


And of course… if you have the internet, chances are you heard that the Breaking Bad series finale was last night. I gathered one last time with my group of friends/faithful fans to watch, and we were all extremely pleased. I thought it was a perfect ending! I just hate that it had to end 😦

Looking forward to a good week full of perfect weather (high 70s-low 80’s! Still no fall here yet!) and hopefully better luck than I had this morning. Have a great week!

Are you actually having fall weather where you live? 

Without spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t caught the finale yet, what did you think about Breaking Bad?

Weekend in Photos + Rain

Would you believe me if I told you it was 89 degrees here just last week?

I would say I think this means fall is here to stay, but it’s supposed to be in the mid 70’s later this weekend, so I just don’t know what to think anymore.

Alls I know is I had to bike to work today, and it looked a bit like this:

Fortunately, I’m experienced in the art of biking in the rain…It happens a whole 4 times per year down in Santa Barbara 😉

My strategy is to wear as light of clothing as possible while I bike, then change into warm dry clothes at my destination. Mission accomplished this morning…except that I acquired what we referred to at UCSB as a Freshman Stripe…a strip of water that gets kicked up by your bike tire if you ride through puddles (or haven’t bought fenders for your tires yet), usually found on the backs of Freshmen. And me. Womp womp.

Luckily, it wasn’t like this all weekend:

On Friday, I went to our local YMCA’s annual auction. My family is kiiinda heavily involved with the organization. My dearly departed Papa (whose service is being held at a YMCA), my dad (who helped organize the auction), and even my brother (the one holding up the sign [the job was a perfect fit — he’s 6’3″]). There were lots of tastings from local wineries and catering companies, and both live and silent auctions!

The only auction item I won was a gift basket with moscato & Girl Scout cookies (score!)…but as you can see, my family made out with a fair amount of loot. And my mom gave me one of her boxes of Tagalongs, so generous she is!!

For the first time in months, I slept in on Saturday morning! (T-Man’s campaign schedule isn’t exactly conducive to sleeping in) — When my lunch on Friday consisted of quinoa and chickpeas (because it was all I had left) I knew it was time for grocery shopping…. — and baking! This Apple Goodie is a Grandma Hanzlik recipe…. to be shared soon!

Late Saturday night, we redeemed some Groupons for a Haunted Corn Maze in town. It was AWESOME! And pretty terrifying. It helped that we were led through by someone who works at the farm…but there were literally dozens of actors that kept jumping out or (even worse) creepily coming out from behind us. Definitely check it out if you’re in the Sacramento area!

To keep with the scary theme, I took a picture with one of T-Man’s creepy pirate ship paintings.

The weekend ended with dinner & the Giants game at my parents’ house… I was shocked to see the dozens of sympathy cards that had come in for my dad. — The Giants forced Game 7! So so so hoping they make it to the World Series. My Papa would be so excited! — For dinner, I cooked a spaghetti squash with my momma’s homemade meat sauce. None of us had tried it before, and we all liked it! Though I’d warn to those wanting to try it that it isn’t as filling as regular spaghetti, so we paired it with a couple nice slices of French bread!

Hows the weather in your neck of the woods?

Friday Faves

With the shocking news my family got just over a week ago, I thought it fitting to focus on some positive things this morning. Here’s what has been keeping me happy this past week!

1) Space Jump!!

Did any of you guys watch this? I didn’t know about it until the day before when my brother (the one sitting on the floor watching in awe) told me about it. We streamed it on YouTube for the last 30 minutes of our drive home from the Bay Area and made it back just in time to see him jump! That dude broke so many records!

2) This sink.

After a couple of the BEST.G&Ts.EVER at happy hour, it was totally the coolest thing ever. Cool enough to take a picture with, even. Obviously.

3) Lacey’s Cookies

I went to my grandparents’ house a couple of times last week and my grandma seemed to have a never-ending supply of these puppies in her kitchen. They are LIKE CRACK. Go to Costco right now and buy them. Your soul will thank you, your thighs will not.

4) The SF Giants!! ….or not.


My family (and a lot of my friends) is all pulling for the Giants, buuuuut with 2 straight losses, it’s not looking great. Still lots of fun to watch!

5) Hot Fudge Sundae Pop-tarts

Would you believe me if I told you that I had to get them cause they were the healthiest that CVS had? (They had the smallest amount of fat, and 3 whole grams of fiber?! What!?)

Also, I’d like to point out that I went to CVS to buy Drano…So when I went to the register, Drano and Pop Tarts in hand, and said, “Oh ya know, Drano and Pop Tarts….the essentials….” I felt pretty hilarious when the cashier gave me a sympathy chuckle.

6) Pumpkin errythang.

So far, I’ve roasted three pumpkins and made 2 loaves of pumpkin bread, a dozen pumpkin muffins, pumpkin curry, and a tray of roasted pumpkin seeds. Oh and drank at least 3 of my parents’ pumpkin beers. I guess I like pumpkin now…

7) This crew neck “I” made for my Papa

So I should totally wear it to his memorial, right? Sweater dress chic? No?

8) This friggin ginormous veggie sandwich I had for lunch yesterday!!!!

From top: mashed avocado, sprouts, red onion, more sprouts, roasted red pepper, artichoke hearts, pepperoncini, cucumber, feta & kalamata olives! All on wheat walnut bread.


Have a great weekend everyone! I’ve got a YMCA auction and a Haunted Corn Maze on my agenda. I’m not gonna lie…..I’m nervous about the corn maze. Wish me luck!!