Weekend in Photos

Soo I realize I’m a little late…but better late than never, right? I took so many pictures this weekend anticipating posting them this morning, but alas, I got to work and before I knew it I was dealing with crisis after crisis, and the day got away from me. I didn’t even have the energy to work out at lunch (allergies have been cray cray lately so I may or may not have been zonked out on Zyrtec)…

OK, I definitely was. But they wore off in time for a post-work workout 😛

Anyway, here was my weekend:


Um so unfortunately, my weekend did not start until 8pm on Friday night. Our new attorney and I were busy putting together the book to pass out at our Legislative Symposium this week. It went to the printers this morning – WHEW!

I was so wiped out that I went straight home and enjoyed a dinner of crackers, cheese (Boursin 4 eva), and wine while catching up on Parks & Rec. Most of the time, that is the #1 dinner I crave by the time I get off work on Friday nights!


Saturday was spent hanging out with the fam in Santa Rosa. My uncle recently bought a 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook – that thing is SWEET. Once they got it running, we each took turns riding around the block. And in true Katie fashion, I terrorized my cousins’ pup, Mollie. ilovedogssomuch.


Back in Sac that evening for a Girls Night with Kristin and Kim, two friends from high school. We had SUPER gingery Moscow Mules at Pourhouse. Good thing I love ginger!


Apparently I missed a really hot day in Sacramento on Saturday, but I definitely felt it on Sunday. We parked downtown and walked across the bridge to the Rivercats game – it hit 85 degrees! And I’m proud to say I didn’t get a sunburn 😀

{side note: the Rivercats are the AAA baseball team that feeds to the Oakland A’s}


We were there (with a bunch of friends) for our dodgeball league’s Beer Run. Before the game, we all got 4 beer vouchers and got to run (slash walk) around the field and trade in a voucher for a beer after each lap. We actually jogged the first lap, then took a leisurely stroll for the remaining 3 laps while sipping our beers. Drinking and walking is hard work, man!

Also, check out that friggin HOT DOG!

One word: Amurrica.

So that was the weekend. Already looking forward to the next one 🙂

What is your favorite Friday night meal?

Which sport do you prefer to watch in person?