Friday Favorites + A Call for Running Songs!

Happy Friday everyone!

I really can’t believe how fast the weeks go by when my workdays are busy. When getting through each day feels like a huge accomplishment, it kinda sneaks up on you when 5 are already under your belt!

I’m linking up with Katie this week to share my Friday Favorites! Enjoy!

Favorite Pup:


My love for pugs is well-documented on this blog. I died when I saw this. Died.

Favorite Splurge (but not really): Fabletics


So I’ve mentioned a few times on here that I am obsessed with workout clothes.

Somehow I came across Fabletics on Facebook last week and I realized they were having a special – all new VIP members could get any outfit for $25.99! After taking a quick lifestyle quiz, I got my suggested outfits — every single outfit was super cute, and some included up to 3 pieces! (top, bottoms, and a headband or sports bra!) I got the one above (except I chose a top that was white & green, grey/teal shorts, and yellow headband).

Unlike most subscription services, you aren’t automatically charged every month for signing up to be a VIP member- at the beginning of each month, they send you an e-mail with outfits that fit your needs/taste, and if you don’t see any you like, you can opt out. The normal price for VIP members is $49.99 per outfit, which is still a steal!

Click here to check it out and sign up – did I mention it’s free to join? #free.99 #myfavoriteprice

Favorite Text:

photo 1

You know you have a problem when you text your friend that you’re going to Grocery Outlet and she already knows what you’re going to get 😉 I’m so predictable.

Favorite Half Marathon Apparel:

needs a beer

I found these two shirts on Etsy and have been surveying Facebook and my friends all week about which I should wear to the Shamrock’n Half Marathon next weekend… Which one do you think I should pick?

Favorite Visit:


My uncle Bobby was in town from Florida for a quick work trip earlier this week and my dad and I got the opportunity to meet up with him! We were going to meet him at his hotel, but in Bobby’s words, “I see pictures on your blog every week of you drinking beers all around town…I want to get a beer with my niece!!!” Jeez, twist my arm would ya?!

We went to Tank House, a new-ish BBQ joint in Midtown. Sacramento Beer Week is still going strong and they were featuring beers from Anchor Brewing, a somewhat local San Francisco brewery. Thanks for treating us to a fun evening, Uncle Bobby!

Favorite Song to Run to:

Pharrell – Happy

Who doesn’t love this song right now? If you just raised your hand, you officially have no soul. This song never fails to put a smile on my face and a little pep in my step!

Speaking of music that puts pep in your step… I need your suggestions!

I used to have a running playlist, but it was only about 30 minutes long. This was it:

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 10.39.50 PM

You’ll notice it is EXTREMELY outdated, haha.

When I started running longer distances this summer, I gave up the running playlist in favor of just playing my iPhone’s library on shuffle, since that would never run out of music!

However, I have noticed that upbeat music seriously makes a difference in my pace and motivation when I run, so I am putting together a playlist for next weekend’s half marathon! (OMG- NEXT WEEKEND….)

Last night I asked my BFF for some of her favorite songs, and added a few that I’ve enjoyed running to during my long runs these past few weeks:

Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 7.51.46 AM

Basically I will run to anything that is

  • A) motivational (Stronger, Born This Way, Survivor, anyone?),
  • B) Fast-paced (Mean and Toxic both fit into this category), OR
  • C) Happy go lucky enough to make me wanna sing or dance while I run (Happy, Marry You, and I Love It for sure!)

So, now I ask you:

What are your favorite songs to run to?

Fitness Friday

Well, folks, I have survived another week. And yes, survived is totally the correct word and not an exaggeration haha.

Check out the fun week I have planned for just one of my bosses next week:


Yeah…. I don’t envy him.

Or myself. You should see the spreadsheets I had to make to keep track of all those meetings!

The days I feel best equipped to deal with all the stress are the days I fit in a workout on my lunch break.


We’ve got a nice little gym in our building with a couple of ellipticals, a couple of bikes, and a couple of treadmills, along with half a dozen weight machines. I swear I only take these pictures because I never know what kinds of photos to post in fitness-related entries, haha.

I have been keeping up pretty well with my 3x per week workout routine. Here’s what I’ve done the last two weeks (not including a 7 mile bike ride on Sunday!)


So what I meant by “real” side planks is that usually I look like this, but on Wednesday I did side planks that looked like this. Ironically, I think the ones I have been doing are actually more difficult!

I’ve been doing a lot better than last time I checked in on my protein intake. My average used to be in the 40g/day range, and now the average is closer to 50/60g, meaning I’m higher on active days and lower on inactive days, as I should be.

This is thanks to a batch of chili I made last week, and a couple of other food factors as well:


Turkey meatloaf from my mom. Awww yeah. I’ve been buying a lot of ground turkey lately, usually making it into meatballs. Tons of lean protein!


Lentil tacos fed me for two meals. Yum.


I am also giving these Luna Protein bars a try because they were on sale for like 50 cents each at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market (AKA “Groc Out” {pronounced gross out} AKA my favorite place ever). I’m not the hugest fan but they have put me at my correct protein levels a few times on work out days.

Also, dodgeball is obviously an excellent workout (even if it is usually canceled out by a beer or two afterward):


I’m not sure where my weight is at these days because the scale in the gym is out of batteries, haha. I shouldn’t care, but I am concerned about losing (or gaining) too much. I don’t want to go above or below my normal weight by 2-3 pounds. My stomach issues still pop up once in a while, causing me to eat fewer calories than I should on some days. I hit the right amount of nutrients, but my calorie count has definitely fallen below what it should be on occasion.

I’m hoping to run a 5K on March 16th here in Sacramento, but I haven’t made the plunge yet and signed up. Luckily, the weather has been great for jogging and I am feeling confident; I just need to slowly inch back towards that 3 mile mark!

In my quest to run further and faster, I finally updated my jogging playlist. It’s all pretty much cheesy pop/hip hop music that makes me wanna sing and dance as I run. OK, mostly sing…why else would I have a song from the Jersey Boys soundtrack on there?


I wish I could say I was taking it easy this weekend, but T-Man has friends coming into town PLUS I have an important application (which includes a couple of essays) due Monday, so it looks like I have a few more days of balancing work and play ahead of me!

Any fun plans this weekend?