An Ode to my Cast

Dear misshapen purple cast:

You helped to heal my broken hand,

You’ve made my bone anew.

But live with you another day,

I surely cannot do.

We had some fun on July 4th,

I even tried to play, (dodgeball)

But if you asked, “Katie, would you like your hand back?”

I’d quickly say OK!

I’d cook the same delicious food

With many fewer expletives.

I’d bare both arms, to the weddings

Of my most beloved friends and relatives.

My poor boyfriend would get a break

From carrying all my stuff.

I’d go back to my weight lifting routine,

And actually (maybe) look tough.

Lucky for me, that day has come,

You come off on Monday!

Sorry, but I will not miss you,

So good riddance, good bye, good day!

(p.s. that is an actual picture of me ruining an extended family photo from the early 90’s. you’re welcome.)