Editorial Internships: How a blogger gets to legitimize her craft

Here are excerpts from and links to a couple of pieces I worked on in the SN&R in the past couple of months.  Enjoy!

The real mayors of Sacramento 03.24.11

Each day, millions ‘check in’ on smartphone apps like Foursquare, where the top users are dubbed ‘mayors.’ Some mayors are strong, others just want to booze. All offer a real-time peek at privacy, partying and modern Sacramento.

(see Myron Jefferson, mayor of 100 places)

Stand Up, Delivered 03.31.11

It isn’t easy to get in front of a crowd, expose yourself to hecklers, reveal your darkest secrets and let it rip. But for these Sacramento comedians, performing stand-up is just another day at the office. Some find jokes in their own hilarious—or pathetic—lives, others find inspiration in the absurdity of the world around them. And when all else fails: dick jokes.

Here’s just a small taste of what the local stand-up scene has to offer.

Broadcast Blues 04.07.11

This isn’t the first time Republican lawmakers have pushed to ban federal funding for NPR. But this time, they’re going in for the kill.

And this most recent threat to public broadcasting has inspired discussion among NPR listeners and broadcast executives in Sacramento, who now seriously ponder the question, “What if?”

Tucson, Politics, and Jon Stewart

I first heard about the tragedy in Tucson on Saturday morning via Twitter.  It was shocking news, but at the time I didn’t have a computer nearby and since there were conflicting reports about whether Rep. Giffords had survived, I decided to wait until later in the evening to tune in and find out what had happened.  I assumed it was an assassination attempt, maybe from the other side of the political spectrum, but most likely from someone who was just plain unbalanced.

Hours later, I went to my computer and checked Facebook and Tumblr.  There, I didn’t find statuses and posts about what had happened or who had died, but rather, pictures of Sarah Palin’s now infamous map “targeting” Democrats and other various links about politicians using gun rhetoric.  In the hours between my first hearing about it and my Facebook log-in, Sarah Palin’s name did not once cross my mind.  But all of the hoopla surrounding the shooting got me thinking.

A liberal NPR cartoonist’s take on the backlash.

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