Friday Faves

Happy Friday! I have been kind of lacking in the recipe category lately, and for that, I apologize. Sucks not getting home until after dark, because the lighting in my apartment is awful for photo taking. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to make a bunch of food to share over the next week or two!

I’ve been experimenting with lentils and chipotle (um, two of my favorite things!) and I also owe you all a spaghetti squash post…aaaaand a hummus post…. I’ve also been testing out recipes for The Beeroness’s upcoming cookbook, but I won’t be able to share those with you all until her book is published this fall 🙂 So instead I’m bringing you some Friday faves!

Fave Dead Guy: MLK

Partially because he’s the reason for the 3-day weekend…but mostly, I guess, cause he changed the world or whatever. 😛

Fave Splurge: lunch with friends!

source: Yelp!


I broke my own rule and ate out twice this week. So worth it.

On Wednesday, my friend Kar’lei and I went to Ma Jong’s, which is right next door to my building. Usually, I order whatever is spiciest and I always think it’s just so-so…This time, I ordered Honey Ginger Chicken and it was SO good! They serve huge portions so I couldn’t finish the whole thing (and didn’t want to feel like I needed a nap the rest of the day :-P), but I brought home my leftovers for T-Man to devour.

Ma Jong's Asian Diner on Urbanspoon

Yesterday, my friend Mikhail got me to go to his favorite lunch spot, Crest Cafe, with him. He took advantage of their $9.99 lunch buffet, while I went with a fattoush salad with chicken. I knew that the cafe existed (it’s right next door to Crest Theater, one of the oldest theaters in Sacramento), but I had no idea they had awesome fresh mediterranean/middle eastern food! I looove fattoush salad, I kind of wish they’d had the traditional pita chips instead of pita bread on the side, but I promptly finished my salad anyway!
Crest Cafe on Urbanspoon

Fave Productivity Booster: Organizing my desk


I’ve been so busy lately that my desk had already gone to s**t by Wednesday. It didn’t stay clean for long, but I did get a lot done that day! It reminds me of in high school and college when I wouldn’t start working on a paper until my room was clean. It’s part procrastination, part OCD 🙂

Fave Politically Incorrect Crossword Puzzle Answer: “sista”

When I was filling out 48-down, I couldn’t help but feel like Stan’s dad in South Park – when he’s playing Wheel of Fortune, the clue is “people who annoy you”, and he has the letters “N_GGERS”. I was like “What? Really? I’m really about to write ‘sista’ right now??”

Fave Uncommon Beer Pairing: Beer and Kettle Chips!

I spotted this pairing list on Twitter and can’t get enough. I love love love Kettle Chips, and beer pairings…but I’ve never thought to put the two together! I think the Salt & Pepper with an American Pale Ale is what I’d want to try most 🙂 The Spicy Thai and Saison sounds interesting too, though….hmmmm!!

Fave new top: PEPLUM!


Here I was thinking I couldn’t pull off peplum. Found this super simple and cute top at Express – I usually don’t buy stuff full price there, but it was too cheap to say no 🙂 Now I’m stuck waiting until the weather is a little warmer so I can wear it! (Also, please ignore the blurry iPhone photo/atrocious state of my room. That’s one mess I haven’t had the courage to tackle since before Christmas!)

Any fun plans for the three-day weekend? The weather should be nice here (in the low 60’s), so I’m hoping to go for a run and maybe even a bike ride at some point!

P.s. We won our first dodgeball game last night! And all my bones are in tact 🙂