My Nutrition Goals – Staying on Track

You know when people talk about how girls love bad boys? Some girls just love a guy who’s a jerk. You know he’s a jerk and that he hurts you, but you keep on goin’ back to him. It’s like you crave his approval or something.

I don’t exactly like bad boys (my boyfriend is as selfless and kindhearted as they come). There is, however, something in my life that keeps pushing me down that I keep on going back to:

Xoso dodgeball

Dodgeball. You evil vixen.

Last night was T-shirt pickup night for my first full season of dodgeball since the incident.

For those of you who haven’t followed the whole saga, dodgeball and I have a complicated relationship. I did meet T-Man when we were placed on the same team a year and a half ago (cute “how we met” story, I know), but…

photo 5 photo 2

I also broke my hand upon switching to the Thursday “A” league in June. The Thursday league plays with a heavier ball and, as you can imagine, “A” league is somewhat competitive.

I’ve since found out that I’m borderline osteopenic, and I’ve had stomach issues, lost weight (mysteriously, without trying), had a basal cell skin cancer removed from my scalp, and generally just been in ill health.

But I’m ready to put that behind me! I’ve been regularly taking my calcium pills since signing up, and I’m looking forward to being more social during the week again.

So a few weeks ago, I posted about trying to eat better (read: MORE, given this summer’s missing 7 pounds). I set some goals. I’ve been tracking most of what I eat on an app called LoseIt.

20130111-101820.jpg 20130111-101827.jpg

(The first time I’ve been over my calorie limit since changing the settings to “maintain weight” haha. Thanks tooo 2 IPAs and a slice of pizza at the dodgeball bar.)

I actually used LoseIt to successfully lose about 12 pounds after graduating from college, but now I’m focusing more on the nutrition stats than the calorie count. Here’s how I’ve been doing:

Daily Nutrition Goals

  1. Fat = 40-45g, 20-35% of total calories
  2. Fiber = 20g+
  3. Protein = 43.6 g (sedentary) – 70.9 g (active), 10-35% of total calories

Week of December 24th (not including Christmas Eve + Christmas Day)
Fat: 41.7g, 25%
Fiber: 21.1g
Protein: 44.5g, 12%

Week of December 31st (not including New Years Day):
Fat: 36.5g, 23%
Fiber: 20.9g
Protein: 40.5g, 12%

Week of January 7th (up until today):
Fat: 41.7g, 28%
Fiber: 23.2g
Protein: 51.8g, 15%, woo hoo!

As I predicted, I’ve been pretty good in all areas except protein. My protein during Christmas week was acceptable since I wasn’t really exercising much. But the last two weeks I’ve had a few gym trips and a jog on New Years Eve day, so my protein really should be higher.

I often have Greek yogurt for breakfast (it has protein AND the calcium I need) and I love love love beans. I eat a fair amount of chicken, but could probably stand to eat it more often. I also buy ground turkey when it’s on sale. Even so, I need to find a way to add another 20g of protein to my diet on days that I exercise! I’m a little stumped on how to do that.

I haven’t had many stomach issues in the past few weeks though, which I’m really happy about. It feels good counting nutrition stats instead of calories– since I used to count calories, I have pretty good eating habits as it is, but now I don’t feel restricted. I want to build up more muscle again and get back into working out more often…I’m even thinking about joining the yoga studio across the street from my apartment. Lots of ideas swirling around in my head, and of course I haven’t forgotten that I “resolved” to run a 5K race this year!

What are your favorite sources of lean protein? Help!!