Parmesan Kale Chips

Sometimes during the creation and development of this blog, I have felt like a real kitchen badass. I’ve made pizza, I’ve made curry, I have been grillin’ up a storm

But other times, I come up with a recipe that I think is going to be amazing, and I get this:

This is called a mess up.

I see kale chips everywhere, but am a very bad blogger because up until recently, I had never made or even eaten them. Then, T-Man ended up with a few bags of the store-bought kind (how they ended up in the hands of my extremely carnivorous, puts-cheese-on-everything, potato chip loving boyfriend…I’ll never know), and the ones I tried had a really strange flavor. Thus delayed even further any desire to bake up some chips of my own.

However, with time on my hands this weekend and kale going bad in my fridge, I gave it a try. And I burned the whole batch. However, I tried that green, non-burnt straggler up there and knew that I was on the right track…It was just the daggum oven that steered me wrong! That thing gets hot… Lesson learned.

If at first you don’t succeed…

Tear, oil, season, and bake your kale chips again. Continue reading