Weekend in Photos

Soo I realize I’m a little late…but better late than never, right? I took so many pictures this weekend anticipating posting them this morning, but alas, I got to work and before I knew it I was dealing with crisis after crisis, and the day got away from me. I didn’t even have the energy to work out at lunch (allergies have been cray cray lately so I may or may not have been zonked out on Zyrtec)…

OK, I definitely was. But they wore off in time for a post-work workout 😛

Anyway, here was my weekend:


Um so unfortunately, my weekend did not start until 8pm on Friday night. Our new attorney and I were busy putting together the book to pass out at our Legislative Symposium this week. It went to the printers this morning – WHEW!

I was so wiped out that I went straight home and enjoyed a dinner of crackers, cheese (Boursin 4 eva), and wine while catching up on Parks & Rec. Most of the time, that is the #1 dinner I crave by the time I get off work on Friday nights!


Saturday was spent hanging out with the fam in Santa Rosa. My uncle recently bought a 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook – that thing is SWEET. Once they got it running, we each took turns riding around the block. And in true Katie fashion, I terrorized my cousins’ pup, Mollie. ilovedogssomuch.


Back in Sac that evening for a Girls Night with Kristin and Kim, two friends from high school. We had SUPER gingery Moscow Mules at Pourhouse. Good thing I love ginger!


Apparently I missed a really hot day in Sacramento on Saturday, but I definitely felt it on Sunday. We parked downtown and walked across the bridge to the Rivercats game – it hit 85 degrees! And I’m proud to say I didn’t get a sunburn 😀

{side note: the Rivercats are the AAA baseball team that feeds to the Oakland A’s}


We were there (with a bunch of friends) for our dodgeball league’s Beer Run. Before the game, we all got 4 beer vouchers and got to run (slash walk) around the field and trade in a voucher for a beer after each lap. We actually jogged the first lap, then took a leisurely stroll for the remaining 3 laps while sipping our beers. Drinking and walking is hard work, man!

Also, check out that friggin HOT DOG!

One word: Amurrica.

So that was the weekend. Already looking forward to the next one 🙂

What is your favorite Friday night meal?

Which sport do you prefer to watch in person?

Convention Weekend in Photos

What. a. weekend.

Last year, T-Man and I went to San Diego for the convention and it was a pretty good time, but there’s nothing like having it in your own city! Being involved in some of the planning made it all a lot more rewarding too.

This morning is kind of weird at my office since we just got switched over to this new system…I mentioned on Friday that we’re switching to Windows 7, which is fine and dandy…but we’re also in this new “virtual desktop environment” now which is taking some getting used to!

Anyway…check out the photos of the weekend 🙂


Our set up at the Masonic Temple on Friday! I was in charge of the dessert bar.  The bottom picture is of the offerings in our VIP area. It was *supposed* to be exclusive…however, when you put a volunteer in charge of manning the list, exclusivity kinda falls by the wayside, as we learned. I stayed up there most of the time, not indulging in the beverages so much as I was doing damage control, haha.


The theme was the “Progressive Era” and my roomie Hanna and I decided to dress the part! Near the end of the party, the parking lot was transformed into food truck CENTRAL. And later, at Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom’s bash, Suchin Pak of all people (of MTV fame) introduced the Lt Gov before he spoke.


Checked out the General Assembly on Saturday afternoon and heard some pretty good speakers, though we missed all the elected officials like Nancy Pelosi, John Chiang, Gavin Newsom, etc.


After the General Assembly was the Taste of Sacramento event put on by Senator Steinberg’s office (who I interned for for almost a year before my current job). Local beer, local wine, and pizza from a wood fire oven!


Saturday night was the night for hospitality suites, and from the balcony of one of them you could see my office 🙂 Aaand photobooth fun from our party!


My “recovery” day on Sunday involved cleaning the heck out of my room. You can imagine 2 days of hurrying home to change and hurrying back to the Convention Center left my room in some disarray…


I also did some Food Prep in anticipation of a hectic week! Made a pot of brown rice, a couple of servings of a kale + chickpea saute, roasted a red pepper for veggie sandwiches, and prepped some fruit to be frozen for smoothies! Not bad…Not bad at all 🙂

What did you do this weekend?

Have you ever been to a political convention?

Friday Faves

Happy Friday! Here’s some things I’m lovin’ today. A bit delayed in posting, because of Favorite Thing #1…..

1) Windows 7.


My firm is finally making the switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 (which I learned how to use at my previous job, and currently use on my Office programs at home…),  and I got trained in how to use it all over again this morning. I don’t mind though, because XP is not the business.

2) Convention!


It starts TODAY! So many events going on tonight…See the “Progressive Era Hosted Welcome Party”? A few girls and I have been planning it for the last couple of months. Pretty much right after I finish this post, I am going to get a move on and start buying all the desserts for our ~fancy~ dessert bar!

3) This video: How Animals Eat Their Food

4) On a similar note, this video: Cat-Friend vs. Dog-Friend

Hahahaha. One of my new favorites.

5) My new party dress!

I am not normally the most fashionable lady around, but I’m pretty proud of the outfit I put together for tonight. I finally found a hi-low dress that I love, and scored big time with these $8 wedges I spotted at Goodwill:

Weekend in Photos

Happy (?) Monday, everyone. For once, I feel somewhat rested today — I kept it low key this weekend because next weekend is the Democratic Convention here in Sacramento and I am sure to get zero sleep 😉

Let’s start with Thursday night, shall we?


I felt this series of photos was worth sharing.. I asked T-Man to take a picture of me (just one!) with our new team socks on…And he started shooting away as fast as my little iPhone camera could go. There were actually 15 more pictures of me total. As soon as I realized what he was doing, I ran and hid behind a chair. Apparently, I’m a little camera shy 🙂


It was my boss’s birthday on Friday and he was out of town celebrating, so I finished my workday by starting to re-watch the last few episodes of the last season of Mad Men in anticipation of Sunday’s finale! – On my way home, a very nice {and possibly homeless} man gave me a rose picked from a nearby park and told me to have a nice day.


T-Man’s brother flew in from San Diego on Friday night (Hi Nick!) to spend the weekend in NorCal, so we took him to Bonn Lair, our favorite pub.


I woke up on Saturday and only had one goal for the day……to purchase an iPad! I’d been on the fence for a while {I don’t have a laptop, so my phone is my only portable electronic}, but after mailing in my tax return and being promised a hefty refund, I decided to go for it. I love it so far!


Dinner on Saturday was pretty snacky – crispy asparagus a la How Sweet Eats and a perfect poached egg {#yolkporn central, amirite Theresa?}, sweet potato fries, lots of leftover Easter candy, and a couple of glasses of wine while I binged on the rest of Mad Men Season 5. {I was really into Mad Men this weekend ok?}


Sunday was Convention party shopping. I’m on the planning committee for the Sac County Young Dems welcome party…it’s tough work, guys. In ~2 hours, we hit up: Party City, JoAnns Fabrics, Michaels, and finally ACE Hardware for cheap mason jars. Our party is gonna be awesome.


Next was food prep for the week. I ended up with 4 Frozen Yogurt Bars and 4 quinoa/black bean/veggie stuffed peppers. Along with other ingredients in my fridge, that should tide me over for breakfast and lunches this week!

While making stuffed peppers, I thawed out pizza dough that I made last weekend – it was weird because I winged it on the recipe, but it made a fine vehicle for jarred tomato sauce, beef & jalapeno sausages, {more} jalapeno, storebought shredded cheese, and a little arugula on top! Just call me Sandra Lee, I’m apparently the queen of Semi-Homemade 😛

Afterward was the moment I’d been awaiting: Mad Men premiere!! I thought it was pretty solid, though not much happened. Mad Men is usually like that though – not much action in the first few episodes of the season, but it builds and builds and then sh*t hits the fan. My biggest question: what’s up with all the facial hair?


Now that I have an iPad, I’m hoping to get back into reading a bit more. You can get all these apps on the iPhone, but why? Such a tiny screen.

First up, I am a big fan of Baz Luhrmann films (Moulin Rouge is one of my all time favorites) so I’m going to try and re-read The Great Gatsby before the movie comes out next month. I “read” it in AP English in high school, but don’t remember a damn thing. Also, I’m hoping having the NY Times on my iPad will make me more likely to read the news when I wake up in the morning, rather than Twitter. Anyone else just read social media on their phone in bed for the first 20 minutes after waking up?

Do you watch Mad Men? What did you think of the premiere?

Are you an eBook fan, or do you prefer the real thing? Recommend me some eBooks/magazines!

St Patrick’s Day Weekend in Photos

It’s never until I sit down to write these Weekend in Photos posts that I realize how much fun my weekends were. Maybe this is why Mondays are the worst for me…I’m focused too much on how great the weekend was! How about next week I just have a great weekend then post a Meatless Monday recipe instead of photos, then I will not spend Monday morning thinking about how great the past weekend was. Though I might just get hungry instead. Hmmmmm.


One of my bosses was out of town on Friday and the other was barely in the office, so I took a half day…but instead of napping the day away, as I anticipated, I cleaned the house instead.. And ate a Bahn Mi.

There was a reason for this though!


My roomie invited over a bunch of girl friends that night for what we called “Wine @ 9”. She made everyone wine charms, bought some fabric and burlap to decorate our tables, and we borrowed our boyfriends’ cheeseboards for serving a plethora of cheeses with our wines. Great success!


Since I was pretty much experiencing what I’d call a dodgeball hangover (symptoms include bruised quads, sore legs, and the embarrassment of defeat), I skipped my run on Friday and went Saturday morning instead…clad in the most annoyingly green clothes I could find. I was running at a really slow pace, so I decided to go for extra distance and broke 3 miles! For the first time since before Thanksgiving! 😀


Our friends were having a party on Saturday, so we decided to do our St Patricks celebrating then. Green drinks, Irish Car Bomb cupcakes, and…a Pikachu hat? The host of the party wears this infamous Pikachu hat every year at our dodgeball league’s Flip Cup tournament and I couldn’t resist snapping a pic with it. Please don’t judge me for posting two mirror pictures in the same entry…


Another hilarious gem at our friend’s house — Me with a green beer, though it just looks black — and House of Cards, of which we watched ~7 episodes this weekend (and finished!)


On Sunday when everyone else was taking their turn to celebrate St Patty’s day, we took it easy. We watched, um, more House of Cards…Played board games outside while barbequin’, and I did some food prep for the week. I basically made my lentil stew sans chicken, bagged up some leftover chocolate PB banana muffins I made on Friday, and I made a pot of brown rice to use throughout the week. These things won’t last me the entire week, but they definitely made it easier to wake up and go this morning!

I still haven’t needed to go grocery shopping since my Trader Joe’s trip, except to pick up a few yogurts and Fiber One bars for breakfast! Boom!

Hope you all had fun and safe weekends celebrating!

What did you do for St Patrick’s day? Did you celebrate on Saturday or Sunday?

Do you prep food for the week on Sunday night?

Life According to Instagram

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Since I didn’t post a “weekend in photos” this week, I decided on another way to give my faithful readers their regular fill of weirdly filtered square photos of my life.

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Have a great weekend, and GO NINERS! It’s gonna be a crazy weekend in Northern California, you can be sure of that! Continue reading

Weekend in Photos

Hey party people. Was it just me, or was last week insanely long? First week back after vacation, or (in my case) first full week back after a couple of 3 day weeks…Ick. Plus, things have gotten busy busy at work like I mentioned. I’m currently in the process of scheduling about 40 meetings for my bosses that will all happen between next week and the beginning of February. It’s really forcing me to be a little more organized to say the least. Plus, there’s the task of keeping my fun/crazy/unpredictable bosses in check. I constantly feel like the naggy little sister…but I love it!

That being said, I was ready for this weekend, and it was action packed:

On Friday night, my roomie and I had a couple of friends over for a VEGAN Middle East feast! I made hummus (my best, smoothest one yet…I need to post a recipe soon), and spaghetti squash with parsley & mint; my roommate Hanna (slash her boyfriend, who came in clutch when stop & go traffic intervened) bought everything to make falafel and tabouli, Liz (the vegan in the group) brought sorbet, and Lexi brought the wine, plus pomegranates, which are apparently Middle Eastern! Ya learn something new every day.

After hitting up the Macy’s one day sale (I helped T-Man on his yearly shopping trip, haha), T-Man and I made the last minute decision to drive to San Jose for his best friend Mike’s Housewarming party. There were drinks, everyone found out what kinda socks everyone else wears (the house had a No Shoes policy), there was music and lights, and there was hula hooping. Apparently, hula hooping is a thing now??

We went to brunch at Bill’s Cafe and spotted this super sweet pink car outside. It even had pink fuzzy dice in the backseat, pink stuff (and a beach volleyball) in the trunk, and a pink surfboard on top! Then we went back to Mike’s place and, in true Katie fashion, I spotted his neighbor’s pugs and played with them through the fence for a good 10 minutes.

Then last night was the Golden Globes! I love the GG’s because it’s a lot more relaxed since everyone’s eating and drinkin’. I fangirled the whole night over Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as hosts, I only wish they had been in more of the show! I’ve read and loved Tina’s book Bossypants and Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope (Parks & Rec) is my spirit animal.

And I love that they’re old friends – you could tell during their opening monologue that they’ve been doing improv and sketch comedy together for years. Makes me think about my best friend and I doing choreographed Spice Girls dances in our living rooms when we were 10 years old, and recording our version of  SNL sketches  on our iPhones in her dorm.  If we end up at the Golden Globes in 20 years, you all can remind me then that I can officially die happy!

Until that happens, I guess we’ll have to just remember that we saw the Spice Girls in Los Angeles in 2007, so we can still die happy.