These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens are alright, but I prefer avocado, hummus, and cilantro lime rice. Here are some of the meals, products, and activities I’m into right now. I started writing this entry before the fracturing of the hand, but I still love them equally, even if I can’t do/eat them properly anymore.

Hope you all had a good July 4th! We had a very successful party, and have yet to tackle any of the cleaning, since we both had to work today. Speaking of which, isn’t it weird having to go back to work today? Oh well. Enjoy!

My favorite things at the moment:

1. Amy’s Organic frozen meals

I’m normally not a fan of the frozen stuff, but with the help of a coupon, I snuck a few of these into my mom’s shopping cart when I was home a few weeks ago. I like how hearty it is, and I could actually taste which veggies were which! Usually, it’s all mush. Plus, I think I’m a mind reader cause now that my hand is broken, frozen meals are a godsend.

2. Going to the gym after a good run

Again, pre-broken hand, so I don’t foresee much of this in my future, but didn’t I look good? Sigh. Also please don’t take note of my short-hair-attempting-a-ponytail afro.

3. Chipotle’s Veggie Burrito Bowl!

After living 2 blocks away for over a month, I finally gave in and had some Chipoodle last week. Burrito bowls are just too good. Corn, black beans, guac, charred fajita veggies…yum. It was perfect as lunch with the leftovers for dinner.

4. Avocado ToastUsually I just mash avocado with salt (the salt is soooo necessary), but sometimes I fancy it up with scrambled egg whites! Paired with a healthy multigrain bread, this breakfast is packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats.

5. Sabraaa Hummus

They are about $5 at Safeway (ick), but my neighborhood Grocery Outlet sells them at half price! When I want to mix up the above breakfast, I often top my toast with hummus instead. This Basil Pesto flavor is good, but my favorites are Mediterranean Olive and Roasted Garlic!

6. New York Bagels

My parents bought a bunch of fresh bagels on their last day in New York, and my mom brought me one the next day¬† when she took me to Kaiser to get my permanent cast. This delicious blueberry bagel was the only thing keeping me from jumping off a building when I saw how large my cast was (this large), and how long I’d have to wear it (6 weeks). WOE IS ME