Halloween Weekend in Photos (Part 1)

Hope you all had a good Monday! As usual, it was pretty rough getting back into the routine today… This weekend was quite a fun one!


I began Friday night with my favorite wine + cheese + crackers routine, and watched Netflix while I worked on last minute details for my costume (which totally ripped apart on Saturday night…apparently my vinyl sewing skills are off).

After making some progress, I grabbed a drink at Pour House, one of my favorite bars by my apartment…and was surprised to see that the back bar is now a Vape/E-Cig bar! Has anyone else seen places like this? We had fun trying to guess what all the flavors were supposed to taste like, but did not partake 🙂


Saturday morning routine…check! I followed up a 5 mile run with a trip to the Farmer’s Market, where I picked up squash (!!! Last week I bought butternut and spaghetti, this week I branched out and bought a buttercup squash!), brussels sprouts, braising greens, fuji apples, and leeks. Lots of green stuff!

I also worked on my to-do list for the day. I actually did everything on my list….except for clean my room. Priorities!


Now for the main event of the night/weekend…The dodgeball league hosts a Halloween Pub Crawl every year, and Danielle, Yvette & I chose a relevant pop culture costume- the girls from the Blurred Lines music video! A few too many people for comfort thought we were Miley Cyrus… Hmph! How do you think we did?

good girls

I think we nailed it 🙂


There were lots of other fun costumes too! When I found out my friend Sara was going to be Rosie the Riveter, I knew I’d have to get a picture of her judging my choice of outfit 😉 We also had friends who were Mario characters, a Minion or two, and I was pleased/embarrassed/disgusted? to see that my friend Matt’s skirt was totally shorter than my booty shorts… 😉


After a week of watching what I ate in anticipation of being half naked on Halloween, I was ecstatic to indulge in this carbalicious sandwich with my mom on Sunday after shopping our booties off. One of the better food trucks in town, Wicked ‘Wich, now has a brick and mortar “restaurant” in the food court at the mall…Their sandwiches were even better than I remembered! Mine was a chicken BLT of sorts and my mom got one of their more classic sammies with slaw and French fries inside of it. YUM!

Wicked 'Wich on Urbanspoon

I’m currently at home in a sweater, leggings and slippers (!!!) because it is FINALLY chilly outside! Gotta love California, where it’s 80 degrees until the end of October. I was pretty glad it stayed warm this weekend though, given my choice of outfit! Let’s hope it doesn’t dip too low in case we decide to reprise the outfits on Thursday night!

Have a great week!

Did you celebrate Halloween yet? What did you dress as?

Favorite costumes spotted so far?