Hand, Meet Dodgeball.

I had a different post planned for today.

Then, this happened.

Hand, meet dodgeball.

That is the lump that forms when a strong man throws a heavy rubber ball at you full speed from about 6-8 feet away (on a ~40 foot court) and since it’s coming toward your face, you put your hand up in defense.

I pretty much immediately knew something was not right. I left the court crying and clutching my hand (by the way, another player threw a ball at me as I walked out, claiming he didn’t know I was out/injured. Apparently, he didn’t hear my screams and sobs). After icing and taping it, I went back out and finished our last 2 games. The rules dictate that you must have at least 3 girls playing, or else you have to play short-handed (no pun intended). But in addition to the increasing pain and discomfort, my knuckle looked, well, nonexistent. I later found out why:

…Because the bone that knuckle is attached to was straight up broken. Continue reading