Weekend in Photos

Oh Monday, you tricky tricky devil.

I’m actually in a pretty good mood this Monday morning, considering it’s Monday and all. I got a surprisingly good amount of sleep this weekend (though nowhere close to the 9-10 hours per night I desire. I really love my sleep, people!) and for every barbecued piece of meat I ate this weekend, I also got in some good exercise, despite high temperatures of 97 and 96 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. Not too shabby!


Kicked things off on Friday with Concerts in the Park! Every Friday night during June-July, Cesar Chavez Plaza turns into a free mini music festival of sorts, complete with local bands, beer and food trucks. In the above picture is Lindsay Pavao, who was on The Voice a couple seasons back. She’s from Sacramento and apparently works for Radio 94.7 now! Fun fact. Another fun fact: I did not get sunburned this weekend! Major victory. Thanks to my team of sunscreens that come with me everywhere.


The headliner on Friday was !!! (Chk Chk Chk). We saw them last fall at Launch Festival and they’re really fun to see live. Here’s an example of their music, super up beat and fun! There was a huuuuuge crowd there, since !!! is probably one of the most high profile bands they got to play this year.


I woke up around 10:30 on Saturday morning and decided to go for a run…it was already 80 degrees outside. It was in the mid-80’s by the time I got out there. I was only going to run about 2.75 miles, but then I saw that they were setting up for the Womens Fitness Festival 5K at the Capitol. I immediately felt guilty for not signing up [the race ran right by my house on Sunday morning!], and for some reason decided I would be running my own 5K…….in the 88 degree heat. Thankfully, I survived.


A few hours later, we went to our first BBQ of the weekend at Mikhail’s house. It was Mikhail’s birthday weekend (hi Mikhail!!) and T-Man found himself manning the grill, as per usual. Delicious!


The rest of the evening was spent at the Xoso 5th Anniversary Pub Crawl. The dress code was to wear a Xoso shirt…I clearly have plenty to choose from. I ended up hacking one up into a crop top so I wouldn’t die of heat exhaustion.

Fun times as always! Not pictured are all the selfies I took of me wearing my friend’s stolen Raiders hat after I got home. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

There is this gem though:

Clearly we could use some practice on taking effective photo booth pictures.


Sunday was barbecue day at Kickball! I opted for a hot dog this time. Also, upon lugging a 17 pound bag of charcoal while biking home from the store I think I finally realized, “Maybe I should get a basket for my bike”.


After 6 grueling innings of kickball (we were shorthanded so everyone got plenty of at-bats), I called my parents and practically begged one of them to come pick me up so I could hop in their pool. Of course, no visit to my parents’ house is complete without some of my mom’s pasta and homemade sauce! I also spent some time admiring her yearbook (my mom is the yearbook advisor at my high school). When I got home, I prepped breakfast (overnight oats) and lunch (a veggie-loaded salad) for today.

What did you do this weekend?

Hot dog or hamburger? (or for vegetarians, tofu sausage or veggie burger? :-P)

An Olympic Weekend in Photos

So, did anyone else spend most of the weekend watching the Olympics? I mean, I did a lot of other things, but it felt like every second I had some downtime, on went the TV and on came some random Olympic sport! Who knew archery could be so intense? I don’t have a TV at home, so I’ve been DVRing everything at T-Man’s house, or watching at nearby bars. Or, on my computer at work….which I may or may not be doing right now…

Friday evening, we went to an INCREDIBLE dinner at Formoli’s Bistro, a very well-known restaurant in East Sac. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, especially since T-Man just moved nearby. Our opportunity came when he got the evening off on Friday. We shared a Chicken & Brie flatbread and their famous Whiskey Burger (possibly the best burger I’ve ever had!) and finished with this chocolate cake & port.

Next up came the Opening Ceremonies! Watched the festivities at home, then during the Parade of Nations walked to our favorite pub & caught the rest!

Saturday was Launch Festival. A group of friends from out of town came and we caught some awesome bands like Fame Riot, !!!, Grouplove, and my two favorites: DJ Shadow (right) and Chromeo (bottom left).

Another week, another gimpy trip to the grocery store! I got ingredients to make Thai Beef for T-Man to eat in his lunches for the next few days — My still-awful right handed handwriting — I came up with some amaazing cherry recipes, which I’ll be sharing later in the week!

What did you do this weekend? And which olympic events have been your faves to watch so far?

Meatless Monday: Spicy Smoky Black Bean Burgers

My college had amazing dining halls. Each one had 4-5 different stations with varied entrees, a complete salad bar, and one dining hall even had a taco/tostada bar. Oh and unlimited fro-yo or ice cream, depending on which dining hall you chose.

There may have been fruit too. But I (along with the Freshman 15 I gained in 2006) wouldn’t know anything about that. 😉

One of the coolest things about our eating options was that each section offered a vegetarian alternative alongside each carnivorous entree. Most of the time, I would scoff at these options. But there was one thing that always caught my eye: black bean burgers. More flavorful than their typical veggie burger counterpart, I always looked for these guys and grabbed one every chance I got.

Living on my own in the “real” world, I no longer have the luxury of someone to do my dishes 3 meals per day, or cook 4 different options for me for every meal. Most of my meals are are more like an episode of Chopped: “You have beans, sesame seed paste, and breadcrumbs in your pantry…You have 20 minutes to make an entree…GO!!”

Enter: Black Bean Burger. Continue reading

Weekend in Photos

I don’t know about you guys, but the weather was just lovely in Northern California this weekend. It cooled down on Friday (and even drizzled a little!), which made way for a beautiful weekend in the mid 70’s. Made me feel like I was in Santa Barbara again!

Except that I’m not 20 anymore, I’m not in college anymore, I would not touch Natural Light beer with a 10 foot pole anymore, and I can’t just roll out of bed onto my bike to get to class or work anymore whoops, I still do that 😉

Apparently I can still have fun, though, as evidenced by these photos!

Met some friends + T-Man’s coworkers at my favorite bar-that’s-2-blocks-from-my-apartment-&-has-over-200-beers! — There, we caught the end of the A’s-Giant’s game. The Giants had an awesome comeback in the top of the 9th! — Then we went to my place and played a 3 hour game of Carcassone. In-tense. Continue reading

Weekend in Photos

Summer has arrived.

OK, maybe not officially, but it sure does feel like it. For the first time in a while, we spent most of the weekend just relaxing and lounging around. No road trips, no weddings… Just food, friends and lots of sunshine! Maybe too much sunshine — it’s supposed to reach 97 degrees for the next few days! Yikes.

That means finding a new running schedule (by the time my 1pm lunch break runs around, it will already be 90 degrees!), but it also means lots of delicious fruits and veggies will be coming into season, and lots of grilling is on the horizon.

Check out some of the highlights of my weekend:

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