Another Wedding Weekend in Photos

Another weekend, another wedding.

OK, so I know that’s not actually a thing. But it feels like it! Just this summer, I’ve been to weddings in June, July, and now that we’ve hit August, might as well go to another! This time, it was a family affair…my oldest cousin Evan married his beautiful girlfriend Ashley, who has grown to be a part of our family these past 3-4 years — and my grandparents both got to see their first grandchild get hitched!

After getting a half day on Friday in honor of Fiesta, I went to my parents house and hung out with my mom while cooking up some stuff..

Lunch of champions with mom: tortilla chips, pita chips, hummus, guac, salsa, couscous… And a margarita slushie. — Pizzas for all! One special one for which the recipe is coming…& one half veggie half cheese (for my parents’ 6-year old godson)

Parents in the back — Little brother driving — the view from the backyard wedding — the entrance!

My youngest cousin, one of the flower girls — At the “altar”.. check out that dress! — First dance — Little brother sneak attack — Ashley and Evan’s dog, Mollie ❤

It was a wonderful day for a wonderful couple. The setting was beautiful and it was all outdoors (the weather turned out perfect!) at a really nice home in Santa Rosa.

Back at home, where our evening bar TV choices ranged from the Mars Curiosity landing to Oscar Pistorius‘s inspiring race.

Hope you all had a fun weekend as well!