Move-in Week

Welp, we did it. A majority of my possessions are in my new apartment! (excluding my closet, because my new closet is about 1/6 the size of my old one and I just don’t even know how to deal with that) The move went incredibly smoothly, which apparently is what happens when you rent a humongous Uhaul and only have 5-6 pieces of furniture in your possession.

But the week is almost over and I’m getting antsy for the long weekend to arrive! T-Man and I are going to a beach house up north with his family. Apparently, beach houses up north are not like the ones in Santa Barbara. Apparently, I need to bring a sweatshirt. Oh well! I’m ready for a break from the warm Sacramento. And from talking. So enjoy these pictures from this week! Continue reading


Thursday Things

1. My office is cold, dark, and lonely. They’re taking a picture of the outside, so we had to close all our blinds…And everyone else is out at lunch…And as soon as the temperature hit 80 degrees outside, our building’s inside temperature shot down to abouuuuut 60 degrees. This is bad, because it makes me think it’s not too hot outside to jog. I tried yesterday. It was 90 degrees. My throat got so dry I felt like Kristen Wiig as the Tanning Mom.

2. You know what’s worse than it being super hot outside? Allergy season. You know what’s worse than allergy season? Your boyfriend being in Anaheim for work. But you know what’s good about your boyfriend being in Anaheim for work (besides finally being able to talk about American Idol and The Voice in public without fear of scrutiny)? Receiving pictures like this one on your iPhone. He’s cute.

3. On Monday night, I made a big ol’ batch of this pasta salad, and I’ve been eating it pretty much every day for lunch. I quite like dill. It just feels right for summer, you know?

4. Speaking of summer, my roommate and I signed an agreement for our apartment yesterday and it has two patios!!! So excited for all the barbecues that await us!

5. Our apartment is also 1 block away from a Chipotle. God help me.

6. Does anyone know where I should shop for a new comforter? I need to upgrade to a big girl comforter. No offense to my extra long twin comforter from college…But ya gotta go! Everything I’m finding online seems to cost an arm and a leg! Suggestions?

7. I also made this Rosemary Olive Oil bread on Monday…It was a really busy night of cooking while simultaneously crying that Juliet didn’t win The Voice.

It was flat ’cause I used whole wheat flour, but it tasted amazeballs.

8. This is a ripoff of How Sweet it Is‘s Tuesday Things. Does anyone care if you do a ______day Things if you’re not even a real blogger yet? Am I really just looking for an excuse to talk to myself? Is it lunchtime yet?

I think the answers are no, yes, and lunchtime is a relative term. In my world, it is always lunchtime.

New Start, New Blog

I did it, people…I’m finally moving out! Do you know what this means?!


I will be 10 minutes closer to work! I can decorate my own room! I can buy a bike! And most importantly, I will finally have a place to try out all the recipes I’ve been pinning!

With my move coming sometime this month, and a bit of spare time at work these days, I’ve decided it’s as good an excuse as any to start blogging again. I started this blog as a way to release my frustration at my job search. Continue reading