Five Word Friday: Life Lately

I’ve been MIA. Here’s why: IMG_5158 You already know my Sundays. IMG_5539 My weekdays are fun too! IMG_5206 Wednesday morning weights. The usual. IMG_5362 COURTSIDE seats: Kings versus OKC newdesk Moved up front at work. IMG_5555 Food Should Taste Good RULES! IMG_5478 West Sacramento Caturday Bike Gang IMG_5415 Spring weather + spring clothes = Love. IMG_5628 Easter church selfies with Mom IMG_5662 Feed fish, check. Next: abs.


My job has its perks 😀

(for non-Californians, that’s Gov. Jerry Brown)


Describe your life lately in 5 words!

13 thoughts on “Five Word Friday: Life Lately

  1. Ashley @MilesonOats says:

    Wanna casually pack that gorgeous purse in your carry on to Utah so I can borrow it? Yes? Yes. THANK YOU! 😉

    My life in 5 words lately is…

    Sassy right? Can’t wait to live FREE after this summer. Guess what? I’ll be taking my last courses at ASU during Blend 😦 fingers crossed I won’t have any online exams that weekend.

    Can’t wait to meet you (and take #selfies) 😉 haha, I had to say it!

  2. LOL to your fish living in a Brita pitcher…that’s pretty awesome. In college, my friends and I used to finish off cool looking bottles of liquor and put beta fish in them after 🙂 Also…girl your abs are rocking!

    • Gotta make do somehow! I like that idea of putting them in alcohol bottles though…you can’t see it, but that’s what the rest of our mantle is actually decorated with! My roomie has some cool vintagey ones from Germany and Peru. And thanks!

  3. olivesanwine says:

    You have been busy lately! Go you. It’s important to get out there and enjoy the spring weather rather than sitting and blogging about it 😉

  4. Psh look at that CORE! You are in great shape for summer which I have to commend you for! I’m definitely still working on shedding the “extra layers” from winter 😉 I love your spring clothes! You’re such a cutie! I can’t wait until it’s warm enough for dresses allllll the time

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