New Years & Weekend in Photos

Hello all and happy (belated) new year!

I celebrated on the Oregon coast with my roommate and 6 of our friends at her family’s cabin. Here are a couple of my favorite snapshots:

photo1 photo2

oceanyoga lakegroup

Unfortunately, during our canoe trip pictured above, I took an unexpected dip into the river with my iPhone in my pocket. Oops. Luckily I had my iPad to capture a few precious moments from the trip for the 3 days that followed!

After 4 days with my phone in a bucket of rice, the verdict was in and my phone was dead. Lesson learned – bring a plastic bag next time!

Don’t worry though, I’m back in action now 😉


Just in time for a dodgeball selfie. #typical

Here’s what I was up to this weekend:

photo 4

On Friday, I spent the afternoon with my mom and her best friend/college roommate Linda, who made it out of New York just before the big storm. We had an awesome photoshoot at the Sacramento City Cemetery, where we draped ourselves in shiny fabrics and posed with statues. No big deal. See more of Linda’s photos from the day at her blog Journal Your Journey, where she plans to document pictures of her doing yoga poses throughout her post-retirement travels!

We grabbed a bite to eat afterward at Tower Cafe, where Linda helped me food style my lunch 😉

photo 2

On Friday night, I went ice skating with friends at the downtown rink. It was crowded and the ice was choppy, but it was super fun! Even if 4/5 of us fell 😉

photo 1

I was nervous that I would be too sore from ice skating to run the next morning. I definitely was feeling it (especially my butt, since I fell right on it!), but not enough to keep me away from my 8 mile run! I even made it to the Farmers Market afterward 🙂

Eating pizza and nachos and drinking a beer the night before probably didn’t help my pace… This was a good 10-15 seconds/mile slower than my usual long runs. But I ran on the hilly half marathon course again and it went really well. The fact that I’m already at 8 miles a whole 10 weeks before my half marathon has me feeling very confident!

photo 3

Last night, I took it easy – caught up on some of the most recent season of Homeland (only 2 episodes left!), did my nails, and put green stuff on my face. Typical girly Saturday night in.

Today I have been laying low and am currently streaming the 49ers game on my computer… On deck for this evening is dinner and board games, followed by T-Shirt pick up for the next season of Sunday dodgeball! Apparently the fun never ends around here.

This post is coming to you on Sunday rather than Monday this week, because I have another post planned for tomorrow. My main New Years Resolution this year has to do with living on a tighter budget than I’m used to – my new job is full time, but only pays $10/hour. The next 6 months will be an interesting test in self control and cutting back! Check back tomorrow for more 🙂

Where did you go or what did you do for New Years Eve?

Do you set yourself a budget each month? If so, do you use an app or website?


11 thoughts on “New Years & Weekend in Photos

    • Thanks for the tip! I am trying out Pocket Expense at the moment and it’s OK but there are definitely more features I wish it had. I will check it out 🙂

  1. Wahoo so glad to have you back. I love the shiny scarf pic – very artsy ;). I absolutely suck at budgeting, since I want to spend all of my money on travel, but I figure I have five more months to keep up this “irresponsible college student” thing so I’d better take advantage of it.

  2. Tara says:

    I just started a cash budget system this month. I did really well with it over the weekend, but I’m hitting some obstacles in my plan to cut my parking bill (purchased the pass for the cheap lot a mile away, but that meant buying a bike rack for my car and getting my mom’s old bike. And I popped the first new tube while trying to install it. Assuming the bf gets it fixed tomorrow with his buddy, I will have doubled the monthly parking in daily parking at the garage across the street.) My mom also roped me into a new diet program, which means I have to reassess the food situation.

    Email me if you want to discuss it more!


  3. I am trying to stick to a tighter budget this year also. I have heard good things about the Mint app but was overwhelmed when I tried it…may give it a go again. I just downloaded BillGaurd which I really like so far BUT it doesn’t gave pre-entered budgets to track your spending against…

    • I know a few people who use Mint as well! I tried 1-2 different apps before settling on Pocket Expense for the same reason- I can enter budgets for different categories and keep track of how I’m doing.

    • Same here, until now! I’ve had a budget set on for an entire year, but have never followed it bc I never had a way of keeping track unless I went online and looked.. An app is so much more convenient!

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