What I Ate Wednesday – Breakfast Edition

Happy Wednesday! We’re almost over the hump! Although these days the days and weeks are all starting to blend together for me, especially with last week’s holiday. Read on to find out why, and to find out how it inspired today’s What I Ate Wednesday post 🙂

Without going into too much detail, for the past ~2 weeks I have been between jobs. (How’s that for a euphemism? 😛 ) Like I mentioned on Monday, I start a new part-time gig this week, and have been interviewing for a few other really exciting opportunities, so I definitely have some things brewing…but it has presented an interesting challenge: creating a routine where none exists.

Enter: breakfast.


chai tea, eggs, salsa, & leftover cilantro-lime rice

Breakfast every morning following my morning jog or mini living room workout has become a very focused and centered way for me to get each day off to a good start. Not to mention that, for a wannabe foodie whose breakfast has typically consisted of Greek yogurt and a Fiber One brownie at the office for the last 2 years, being able to prepare a hot breakfast for myself every morning has been a serious treat!


Green tea, sprouted wheat toast (with coconut oil & a sprinkle of cinnamon, inspired by Jessica at How Sweet), more eggs with kale, and another massive dollop of my favorite Farmer’s Market salsa.


I promise that’s green tea and not alcohol in the Jeremiah Weed jar, haha. Way to repurpose a jar meant for beer right?

This was an attempt at getting some protein after a morning run – there are black beans under all those veggies (kale, celery & red pepper) and egg doused in hot sauce.

IMG_2416I even got a hot breakfast one morning at my parents house before Thanksgiving. Why does food taste better when you aren’t the one who made it? (Thanks, Mom!) Just how I like my salsa…with a small side of eggs.


This is my current blog-writing breakfast. Same toast with a wedge of Laughing Cow cream cheese and peach preserves…and more tea. I pretty much drink tea at home ALL.DAY.LONG just like I did at my old job. In a bit, I’m going to do an arms + core workout and I’ll have the rest of my breakfast afterward… You better believe it will involve eggs and salsa 😉



3 weeks ago, I designed a make-your-own-omelet and decided on turkey, artichoke hearts, jack cheese, and spinach. With toast and potatoes. Om nom nom.


The Sunday before Thanksgiving, 3 of us got that day’s special: Chicken sausage with habanero and green chiles YUM! It was the perfect amount of spice! Plus 2 eggs over easy, more potatoes, moaaarrr toast. I actually finished this entire plate- wiped it clean with my toast and all!

We are loving Limelight for brunch and you can’t beat their bottomless mimosa deal- $7!!

Limelight Bar Cafe & Card Room on Urbanspoon

On a related note, my appetite has been MONSTROUS lately. I think the culprit is the increase in my running. I’ve definitely put on a few (we’re talking 5+) pounds…let’s just call it my winter coat? Deal! 😉

What is your favorite hot breakfast?

How do you balance breakfast + work? Do you bring it to the office, or eat before?

6 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday – Breakfast Edition

  1. So jealous of your hot breakfasts! I would looove to eat eggs for breakfast, and that’s what I did every day in college at the dining hall. These days it is oatmeal or bust. Breakfast is actually my favorite time of day, because Nate and I drink our coffee and eat together before leaving for the day. Wanna be my private breakfast chef?!

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