Sweltering Hot Weekend in Photos

Is it just me, or does Monday always feel like one giant hangover? Like, not an alcohol hangover…but a weekend hangover. I had too much weekend this weekend, and now I’m going through weekend withdrawals.

That’s totally a thing, right?


On Friday evening, it got up to a sweltering 105 degrees. I went out to dinner with my parents, my great aunt Emmy visiting from New Jersey, and Emmy’s friend Karen to celebrate my mom’s birthday (which was the day before) and Emmy’s birthday (which was that day!)…we went to Ten22 in Old Sacramento. I had been there before about a year ago and was a little shocked because the menu had changed quite a bit and had a lot of super strange sounding stuff: lamb, elk, duck, you name it! Not one to order the “safe” item on the menu, I chose the Osso Bucco (lamb) with chorizo, dates & roasted tomatoes. My mom, however, scored the winning dish, which was housemade gnocchi with spring vegetables. And of course no birthday dinner is complete without cake! Chocolate mousse, ohhh my god.

Everyone found something that they liked and our dinner definitely solidified my love for this place!

Ten 22 on Urbanspoon


It had cooled down to a modest 98 degrees by the time we finished, so walked around Old Sac and had a little family photo op by the river.

Karen’s daughter, who lives in SF, had visited Dive Bar on a trip to Sacramento and told Karen and Emmy they had to see the mermaids. Dive Bar has an aquarium above the bar and every hour or so, a mermaid plops into the tank and entertains the crowd. This was my first time ever frequenting a bar with my parents, and I had a great time watching them people watch and react to the scenery!

On Saturday morning, I found myself awake at 9am because my apartment was already so. damn. hot! I figured since I was already awake I might as well finally check out the Saturday morning Midtown Farmers Market. I picked up some mushrooms, beets, summer squash, amaaazing avocado-cilantro hummus, and this green juice from Peel’d. I actually have a friend who just did their 5-day juice cleanse, sounds interesting! Juice cleanses…so in right now…

After my little outing, I promptly sat in my apartment in the A/C the rest of the day, checking various things off my To-Do list (and watching sappy TV shows and crying my face off). The high on Saturday was 108 degrees. I eventually had to leave because:


I had a surprise dinner to attend! My friend Alex is in town from New York and his birthday is tomorrow, so we strung together an elaborate chain of lies to get him to show up at his favorite restaurant, Chicago Fire, where we were all waiting for him with a cake. Good pizza and old friends…lovely!


On Sunday, part of that same group of friends caravanned to Berkeley for another high school friend Ian’s birthday BBQ. We taught his 10 year old brother how to play flip cup with Pepsi…he was totally a pro. I arrived back to my apartment in the evening to find that my roomie had already planned an impromptu Wine & Snacks night with a couple of girlfriends! There was chips, dip, and girl-talk galore.

We get one day of respite before it jumps back into the 90s: the high temp is only 75 today. That’s a 30 degree difference, people!

Enjoy your week! I have something very cool to share with you all later this week, which I am very excited about!

PS. Don’t forget to RE-PIN my Muesli Protein Bars! I totally had one for breakfast this morning…mmm, chocolatey.

Hows the weather in your part of the world?

Have you ever been surprised or planned a surprise party? I think I prefer being the one who’s surprised…planning is not nearly as fun ๐Ÿ˜›


17 thoughts on “Sweltering Hot Weekend in Photos

  1. See, I love surprises, but I can be very difficult to surprise. That’s because I seem to have an ability to find things out or predict what’s going to happen. Issues ๐Ÿ™‚ I do love party planning, but it stresses me out if I see people aren’t having fun. I’m one of those people running around anxiously asking, are you having fun?

  2. I am not so good with surprises – I am too much of a planner so I would, of course, love to be the planner of a surprise party! I just planned one for my dad last November for his 60th! He was definitely surprised and I thought he was going to have a heart attack, haha. And the weather is crappppppppy here. I’d like to say that I’d rather go for the heat but I’m sure if we had that kinda heat here, I’d be thinking otherwise ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Haha! I think we did one for my Grandma’s 70th birthday and we all thought she’d have a heart attack too. We need to find a locale that is somewhere in the middle of our 2 climates!!

  3. I love living vicariously through your weekend recap posts.. my broke-ass can’t afford to do ANYTHING since I’m nearing the end of my year long UNpaid internship soooo I love it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Haha! Luckily this wasn’t too expensive of a weekend- having the parentals pay for dinner and drinks on Friday night definitely helped that cause! I know how you feel though, I was an unpaid intern for 11 months myself!

  4. I’m amazed by this bar. I will now be visiting Sacramento in the not-too-distant future.. if for no reason other than to see that ridiculously awesome/cheesy mermaid! And I hear ya on the hot.. we hit 90 and I was dying, so I’ll try to send some cool thoughts your way!

  5. pickyrunner says:

    Such a winning weekend for you!!! How could it not be with that cake! I’m totally with you on the weekend hangover. It’s 100% a real thing

  6. Sue says:

    Wow looks like you had an awesome weekend. I’m from Australia and having just started winter it’s been pretty chilly ( around 9 deg. C) I must say that cake looks amazing! Did you get to finish it by yourself or did you have to share? I want cake now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Loving your blog and look forward to hearing your big news!

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