2013 Fitness Goals – My Progress

Back in January, I made a few fitness goals for myself and finally posted my Cooking Bucket List. I also posted specific nutrition goals so I could measure my progress more accurately.

I am on a serious muffin kick lately, but because I haven’t had a chance to fix up the pictures of the recipes I’ve been tinkering with, I decided to take a moment to evaluate those goals I posted.

First off, you can track my Cooking Bucket List progress on the new tab up there on my blog’s menu bar! This makes it a little easier for me to add items to the list and cross them off as I make them…I’m already making good progress!

Now…onto the fitness side of things.

the squirrels have been AGGRESSIVE in the park this week!

the squirrels have been AGGRESSIVE in the park this week!

Fitness Goals
  • Run a 5K race
  • Start weight training again (and eat more protein!)
  • Be able to do a 2 minute plank and 2 minute leg lifts
  • Run 25 miles in a month (several times if possible)

How have I been doing?


my dodgeball team is lime green this season. jealous? {sidenote: this was a day i ran inside on a treadmill to avoid allergies. let’s just say the “after” picture wasn’t pretty}

  • Run a 5K race

Some of you may have seen on Instagram that I signed up for one THIS Saturday! I have run 3 miles twice this month, am feeling good health-wise, and most importantly, found a friend who wants to run it with me πŸ™‚

I’m planning on doing one last run today, probably with a goal time (30 minutes) rather than distance. Then dodgeball tomorrow, and perhaps an easy elliptical/ab workout on Friday? I’m afraid it’s going to be a difficult race and I don’t want to injure myself, but I can’t help but think that’s just my inner worry wart kicking in. I’ve been running 2.2-3.0 miles for 2 years now, with a couple of off months here and there. As long as I don’t push myself too hard (my friend runs faster than I do) I’ll be fine! I’ve been running really slowly lately for some reason, so I’m hoping for a time of 30 minutes or less. I’m sure I’ll be able to manage it!

steak. the ultimate protein.

steak at T-Man’s mom’s house this weekend. the ultimate protein.

  • Start weight training again (and eat more protein!)

I’ve been doing so-so. I have been weight training more when I go to the gym (mostly upper body), but that usually only happens once per week.

I have been keeping my protein up! I have averaged 50g or more 3 out of the last 4 weeks, and there hasn’t been a day that I’ve gone under the 43g recommended for non-exercise days! You’re supposed to hit up to 70g on days that you’re active, but I usually only get to around 60g on my workout days. This is just on days that I track what I eat (which tend to be Monday-Friday).

T-Man thinks I could gain a pound or two; I’m happy where I am. However, I’d like to think it’s an improvement that now I say things to him like “I need to eat more protein tonight!” instead of “I can’t have dessert, I already ate too much today”.

Of course in an ideal world, I wouldn’t be saying either thing. I wouldn’t be tracking my food at all; I’d eat without being so conscious of everything, and not be deficient in anything. But I’m trying to maintain my weight. So far I’ve had success – PLUS, I’m not having nearly as many digestive issues as I had at the end of last year.

abandchips chobanibite

Killing 2 birds with one stone: dessert AND protein! Almond butter/choco chips, and Chobani bite

  • Be able to do a 2 minute plank and 2 minute leg lifts

PFFT. I’m currently at 2-1 minute planks, but I’ve got a ways to go before I inch up to 2 minutes!

  • Run 25 miles in a month (several times if possible)

Last month, I ran 11.5 miles…nowhere near 25! But after essentially taking December and January off, it was my highest in months.


Until this month! If you include the 5K on Friday, I’m on track to run about 20 miles this month, plus whatever I end up running later today. Not too shabby! Especially since there were only two weeks that I got more than one run in (this week and the week of the 11th). Blasted sickness.

Thanks if you read all of this! I sometimes wonder if anyone else finds this stuff interesting, but it’s super helpful for me to keep track of everything!

Any tips for my first 5K?

What’s on your Cooking Bucket List?

Have you ever noticed that your diet is lacking in a certain category?

13 thoughts on “2013 Fitness Goals – My Progress

  1. I love the idea of a cooking bucket list! I think I’m going to need to steal that one. πŸ™‚ But now, I’m wondering what would be on it. I love to cook, but a lot of times I get stuck cooking the same things I love over and over. I think my cooking bucket list might have lots of things on it that I’m afraid to cook like…. Indian food or lobster. Or maybe I’d want to make my own ice cream!

  2. Good luck in your 5K! My only advice is to not go out too fast – super easy to do because of the adrenaline, especially if your friend typically runs a faster pace than you. For the first 1/2 mile or mile you should feel like you’re holding yourself back. I’m sure you’ll kick some butt!!

    • Thank you for the advice! I followed it on Wednesday during my normal run and it was one of my more successful runs to date! I typically start out strong and peter out towards the end…

  3. OMG. That spoonful of almond butter and chocolate chips is making me drool onto my keyboard at work! I’m so excited for your first 5K! Just take it easy and enjoy the scenery. I love the adrenaline rush I get when running with 100’s of other people πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see your costume!

  4. Joanna says:

    Keep it up MKG. We are doing this together. Only…not together…but…together. So proud of you. Want a chobani bite…NOW..

    • Miss you! You need to get on the Greek yog train…lots of live active cultures, super good for the tum tum! I’m gonna add you to the text alerts for my race so you can get live updates πŸ˜›

  5. Ah I can’t believe the race is tomorrow! Dude, you have totally got this, how many other people already run their race’s distance before the race?!? Also that whole Chobani/PB/chocolate chip combo is one of my FAVORITES. Like the best afternoon pick-me-up ever.

    • Exactly! I’ve run ~3 miles a handful of times, the timing has just never been right to run a race! A spoonful of chocolate chips and nut butter cannot be beat πŸ™‚

  6. That squirrel is so cute! I know they can be pests but I think they are adorable πŸ™‚

    For your first 5k, be sure to pace yourself at the start and don’t get too caught up in the hoopla as you can end up going too fast too soon. Other than that enjoy yourself πŸ™‚

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