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Hey friends!

Do you read my blog (or any blogs, for that matter) in Google Reader? If so, you’ve probably heard that the feature is being eliminated in July….it’s goin out of style, much like all shoe fashion trends of the 90’s.

If you love reading blogs and don’t use Google Reader or a similar program, you should totally consider it. I used to use a list of bookmarks on my browser to check my favorite blogs every day…but the list got long, and it was time consuming. Using an RSS reader is a good way to just read new posts, without having to waste time checking blogs that haven’t been updated.

You may surmise in a few minutes that I’m having a slow day at work…the last slow day I’m sure to have for a while.

Because I have not been crazy busy today, I finally whittled down my Unread list in Google Reader, after it had been at 75 on Friday. I got it down to 50 by Monday, and am finally below 10 today! Woot! I have been pinning recipes like crazy in the process.


I decided today is just as good a day as any to test out some alternative RSS Readers.

I subscribe to a lot of WordPress blogs, since that is the platform I use, but for the rest of the blogs I read, I use Google Reader.

The first alternative, for which I already have an account, is Bloglovin’:


One downside of Bloglovin’ is that they don’t have an easy way to import the feeds you already follow (that I could find). Though it took me just 7 minutes or so to search for the 20+ blogs on my list, I ran into problems on some of them…like, which Smitten Kitchen feed should I follow?


However, I love that I can see my full bloglist on the left hand side and click to whichever blog I want. I also love that they shorten the blog post for you, highlighting one picture and featuring a clip from the post. Unfortunately, they just use the first photo and not the one that you designate as ‘featured’ (if you’re a WordPress user)…so instead of my delicious Turkey Meatballs, followers of mine on Bloglovin’ saw a gnarly picture of my dodgeball-bruised legs.

To follow my blog using Bloglovin’, click the link on my sidebar over there –> or just click here.

The next, and perhaps more popular alternative that is popping up around the web, is Feedly.


The best part about Feedly is that you can automatically import all of your Google Reader subscriptions. You can also import your Twitter and Facebook feeds, if you so choose. If you’re looking for a way to integrate everything, I could see Feedly being your new best friend! This is Feedly on the “LATEST” page, which I think would be the one I’d use most. You can control the look of the list to include thumbnails or not…I prefer to see pictures!


This is Feedly on the “TODAY” page, which I’m not as big of a fan of. I see myself using something like this only at times when I haven’t checked up in a few days, but want to make a dent in the most recent blogs posted.

{p.s. have any of you noticed yet that I’m totes working on my March Madness bracket in the background? shhh…}

My big beef with Feedly is that there’s no list of all your subscribed blogs on the left, like there is on Bloglovin’ and Google Reader. Perhaps there’s a way to figure out how to do that…I still have a lot of tinkering to do with it before I decide what I’m going to use come July!

To add my blog on Feedly, your best bet is to add my blog to Google Reader now…then you can easily import it if you decide to switch!


Just click that little RSS feed button. While we’re at it, don’t forget that you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

Happy RSS Reading!

Do you keep up with blogs on an RSS Reader?

How many blogs (healthy living, food, news, comedy, etc.) do you read regularly?

8 thoughts on “Google Reader Alternatives

  1. Elena says:

    I just add them all to my Blogger feed. It’s super user-friendly, it will automatically show blurbs from the most recently updated blogs but also has a list of blogs to the left so you can go through them individually. I’m not sure if you need to have a blog on blogger to use it but you could always just set one up and not post.

    • I actually have a blogger account – I used it to host my travel blog for all my family & friends to read when I studied abroad! Good tip, maybe I’ll look into it 🙂

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