St Patrick’s Day Weekend in Photos

It’s never until I sit down to write these Weekend in Photos posts that I realize how much fun my weekends were. Maybe this is why Mondays are the worst for me…I’m focused too much on how great the weekend was! How about next week I just have a great weekend then post a Meatless Monday recipe instead of photos, then I will not spend Monday morning thinking about how great the past weekend was. Though I might just get hungry instead. Hmmmmm.


One of my bosses was out of town on Friday and the other was barely in the office, so I took a half day…but instead of napping the day away, as I anticipated, I cleaned the house instead.. And ate a Bahn Mi.

There was a reason for this though!


My roomie invited over a bunch of girl friends that night for what we called “Wine @ 9”. She made everyone wine charms, bought some fabric and burlap to decorate our tables, and we borrowed our boyfriends’ cheeseboards for serving a plethora of cheeses with our wines. Great success!


Since I was pretty much experiencing what I’d call a dodgeball hangover (symptoms include bruised quads, sore legs, and the embarrassment of defeat), I skipped my run on Friday and went Saturday morning instead…clad in the most annoyingly green clothes I could find. I was running at a really slow pace, so I decided to go for extra distance and broke 3 miles! For the first time since before Thanksgiving! 😀


Our friends were having a party on Saturday, so we decided to do our St Patricks celebrating then. Green drinks, Irish Car Bomb cupcakes, and…a Pikachu hat? The host of the party wears this infamous Pikachu hat every year at our dodgeball league’s Flip Cup tournament and I couldn’t resist snapping a pic with it. Please don’t judge me for posting two mirror pictures in the same entry…


Another hilarious gem at our friend’s house — Me with a green beer, though it just looks black — and House of Cards, of which we watched ~7 episodes this weekend (and finished!)


On Sunday when everyone else was taking their turn to celebrate St Patty’s day, we took it easy. We watched, um, more House of Cards…Played board games outside while barbequin’, and I did some food prep for the week. I basically made my lentil stew sans chicken, bagged up some leftover chocolate PB banana muffins I made on Friday, and I made a pot of brown rice to use throughout the week. These things won’t last me the entire week, but they definitely made it easier to wake up and go this morning!

I still haven’t needed to go grocery shopping since my Trader Joe’s trip, except to pick up a few yogurts and Fiber One bars for breakfast! Boom!

Hope you all had fun and safe weekends celebrating!

What did you do for St Patrick’s day? Did you celebrate on Saturday or Sunday?

Do you prep food for the week on Sunday night?

5 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day Weekend in Photos

  1. Looks like a GREAT weekend – perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! I didn’t do much celebrating because I had other plans, but I did get a green beer in there yesterday 🙂

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