Strawberry Banana Oat Smoothie

Normally, I have pretty humdrum breakfasts. I have never been a big breakfast person…I pretty much eat it out of necessity, habit, and because I would probably just eat 10 handfuls of mixed nuts between the time I arrive and lunch (instead of the normal 5 handfuls) if I didn’t have breakfast to satiate me.

I am a big fan of my Greek Yogurt + Fiber One bar breakfasts, but those aren’t exciting…

Smoothies are exciting!


may i please draw your attention to my pj pants and fuzzy socks. thank you and goodnight.

And needed, when you’re feeling a nasty cold coming on and have a huge week of work facing you.

Tonight is my office’s reception – catering, name tags, state senators and assemblymembers, $500 worth of wine, the works. I’ve planned receptions like this before, but never on this scale.


This smoothie was supposed to be my saving grace on Monday. I made it in a last ditch effort to ward off a lingering cold. I’d heard of putting oats in smoothies before, but I was a little leery of the idea of chewing my smoothie. So I soaked the oats in milk overnight, added them in the morning, and slurped away.


The verdict? I got sick anyway. But the oats were good. Definitely good.

And you can never go wrong with strawberry & banana! Frozen banana blends up into a dreamy ice-creamy consistency.

I had been looking for a smoothie that had some staying power, and the oats definitely made this smoothie satiating enough to hold me over till lunch. Problem solved! Breakfast conquered.

Strawberry-Banana Oat Smoothie
makes 1 smoothie

1/4 cup old fashioned rolled oats
3/4-1 cup almond milk, divided
1 frozen banana
5 strawberries, frozen or fresh

Combine 1/4 cup oats and 1/2 cup milk in a small container. Place in fridge overnight (or for at least an hour) if you’re planning on making the smoothie in the morning.

When ready to prepare the smoothie, add oats + milk, frozen banana (cut into chunks, if you wanna make it easier on your blender), and 5 strawberries into your blender or a food processor. Give it a whirl, adding milk as needed to get everything going. Blend until smooth.


12 thoughts on “Strawberry Banana Oat Smoothie

  1. I love oats in my smoothies for that little extra “umph” and to fill me up! But I’d warn against the quick oats – they get too gummy. Because they’re created to expand or “cook” as soon as (instantly!) they are wet, they ended up giving my smoothie a gummy, non-slurpable consistency! I do smoothies almost every morning and now my kids are hooked too! Generally it’s oats, frozen berries, yogurt, kale, whatever other fruits and leafy greens we’ve got kickin around, and a splash of OJ for some liquid. Best way to start a day!!

    • Thanks for the input! I know quick oats and old fashioned aren’t always interchangeable, I’ll probably add a little edit to reflect your experience šŸ™‚

      My next experiment is trying Greek yogurt in a smoothie! But all your additions sound delish!

  2. I’ve never added oats to a smoothie – It seems like it would add some awesome nutrition! Good luck with the reception this evening and feel better! It is awful being sick this time of year (actually, any time of year it is awful but especially when the weather is getting nicer!)

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