Weekend in Photos

Quick post for a quick weekend!


After my skin-cancer-mole-removal surgery on Thursday, my mom basically gave me two days worth of “comfort food” to help me feel better. Comfort food to my mom and I = pasta. Duh. Can you tell we’re Italian? Oh and that’s the hole in my head. I’ve got another week until they take the stitches out, but it seems to be healing up nicely…recovery has been rougher than I anticipated though 😦 Pretty much any time I smile or laugh, it starts hurting and feeling like my head is going to split open…then I start laughing more because I’m making myself hurt. It’s a vicious cycle 😛


Since I was healing and it was raining outside, we did a lot of board game playing with friends this weekend. Puerto Rico on Friday night, and Attika (shown above) on Saturday night. I won Attika for the first time ever 😛


Sunday was a day for cooking experimentation! Above is crispy squash rounds…it was my first time buying a kabocha squash and I loved it – so creamy when roasted! The second experiment was my first (and probably easiest) item off of my Cooking Bucket List… recipe and method to come soon 🙂

Today, I woke up feeling like it was the first day of school- T-Man helped me put on my new bike tire to replace the one that got stolen, so I finally have a working bike again…just in time to get me to work on the first day of the legislative session! Since I work for lobbyists, things got pretty slow after the last session ended in August and even slower after the November elections passed. But that’s all going to change now! I’m hoping to still be able to keep up with my 3x per week posting schedule…wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

  1. Thinking of you and your recovery! Sending positive vibes your way. And the squash looks delicious, can’t wait to see your recipe! Have a great week of work!

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