Weekend in Photos

Going back to work after a long holiday weekend is the worst.

It’s especially the worst when you’ve got abdominal pain like nobody’s business. I’ve been having stomach problems for nearly 6 months now, and though all the food was delicious, the fact that I had three, count ’em, 3 Thanksgiving meals didn’t help. My body is screaming for help.

What are your tried and true at-home stomach remedies? For upset stomach, nausea, acid reflux — SPILL! I need it all.

Back to the subject at hand:

Thanksgiving. We had three of them. Two on Thursday (above: my family’s, below: his dad’s) and one on Friday (right: his mom’s). I love seeing all the differences in family traditions: my family shows up early in the day, mostly clad in sweatpants, and does everything buffet style. Our other thanksgivings were a little less casual, with sit down dinners. And I’m pretty sure they had no sandal-wearers at the table.

Friday morning, we went on a little hike in Napa (where most of T-Man’s family lives) with T’s brother to burn off some turkey. Northern California had beautiful weather all weekend!

We came back to Sacramento on Saturday to celebrate (har har, see the name of the beer?) T-Man’s birthday with our friends…….Which led to Sunday brunch at Golden Bear. We’ve been to Golden Bear many times, usually for dinner, or late night drinks, but never brunch! I got Chilaquiles (top) with an over easy egg on top…chilaquiles are quickly becoming my favorite brunch item! T-Man got the Breakfast Lucy (bottom), which is a ridiculous open-faced spin on their normal Juicy Lucy burger. Our friends got the breakfast sando and breakfast burrito and were both also satisfied. Golden Bear might have to be our new go-to brunch spot!

The Golden Bear on Urbanspoon

After brunch, I went to my parents’ house to help put up holiday decorations. Check out all those boxes we lug down from the attic every year! Also, my mom gave me a couple of books to bring home. Story of my life: baking cookies and having stomach problems. FML.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Don’t let the Monday blues get you down! (and I will try to do the same :-P)

16 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

    • They put me on acid reflux meds and I got an abdominal ultrasound with no conclusive results…my doctor wants me to just wait and see if the meds help, but I think they’re making it worse! I’m trying to push her to refer me to a GI specialist…

      • you definitely should! I know quite a bit about GI issues (between my profession and my boyfriend who was blessed by many hereditary issues) and I know they can be tricky to pin-point!

      • Haha, maybe your boyfriend also comes from my family full of stomach issues. Today my issue has been lower abdominal pain, so OB GYN is gonna check me out to see if they can’t get to the bottom of at least one of my ailments!

  1. Hey Katie!

    Try ginger water. Just boil some hot water, and put in slices of fresh ginger. or if you can find some ginger tea. That’s good too. There’s always ginger ale if you want to drink soda :)))

    I have stomach problems too, so those definitely helped!


    • Thanks Tina. I’ve totally done the hot water & ginger before! And I have definitely been keeping an eye out for ginger tea, I really need to get my hands on some!

  2. Don’t laugh… I drink “Hoji-cha” while eating an “umeboshi” (a real one the size of a jawbreaker) each night… Japanese people have relatively few “stomach issues” like what you describe and perhaps, the above recommendation is one reason. 😉

  3. Kristen says:

    I’d try probiotics, even the grocery store brand. Seems to help me when I have an iffy stomach, and they are really good for you!

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