New York City by iPhone


Museum of Natural History


In line for Jon Stewart!


Mike Huckabee was the guest. We got his book fo free, then ate some cupcakes.


Washington Square Park


Hitchin a ride on the LIRR


Katz’s Deli


Vertical panorama of the new Freedom tower (that’s why the other buildings look a little janky), with one of the World Trade Center reflecting pools at the base


Times Square at sunset


Us, now, at JFK. I hate how I look (took a jog this morning and went straight from shower –> car) but T-Man’s sad face is too good!

See y’all back in California!

13 thoughts on “New York City by iPhone

  1. Hope you had fun at the Daily Show! It was a funny episode…I thought of you the entire time I watched it (the entire audience is like a living emoticon!) 😉 hahah!

  2. Just found your blog! I love travel too, but I don’t feel “advanced” enough to brave a HUGE city like NYC without getting hopelessly lost! Haha. Loved seeing the pictures!

    • It’s not all that bad, once you figure out which neighborhoods are where! It’s mostly a grid 🙂

      That being said, we definitely got lost when we were downtown at the WTC and all the subways were closed due to flooding, haha. All part of the experience!

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