Weekend in Photos: New York Edition

Hello from New York! After making an appearance at a 90’s Power Hour party on Friday night at my apartment (my roomies birthday was last week), we headed to T-Man’s mom’s house in Napa to get a bit closer to our early morning San Francisco departure!


We flew Virgin…..awesome!


After landing we went into the city for dinner at Stout NYC with my best friend Joanna…the biggest trooper I know! My favorite wandering jew (She and her roommate have still not been allowed back in their downtown apartment)


Deelish burgers & beers!


My aunt we’re staying with lives in Amity Harbor in Long Island, where they saw a lot of devastation from Hurricane Sandy. These photos are all from within a mile of her house. Luckily, she had pretty much no water damage to her home!

These photos are of water damaged furniture people have been piling outside their homes, and gigantic trash piles in a nearby park.


Yesterday was family day in Smithtown, complete with bocce ball (Standard…we are Italian after all) and family canoodling time (pictured: my grandpa, second cousin, cousin’s fiancé, mom’s cousin and his son {another second cousin})

As I type, this is my view….


Driving in to manhattan! Look for us on the Daily Show tonight!

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