Leaving on a Jetplane

So, we’re doing it.

My friends are still evacuated from their downtown apartment and my aunt is still awaiting power on Long Island, but T-Man and I are still leaving for New York early tomorrow!

I actually love traveling. As you all know, I studied abroad for a year in college. During that year, I made frequent weekend and week-long trips to a grand total of 18 cities in at least 12 different countries.

Going to New York for 5 days isn’t exactly a huge adventure like traveling to another country is (especially when I’ve been visiting family there since i was a kid…The last time I went, I spent way more time hanging out with friends and family than sight seeing). But T-Man has never been to NYC! So it will be for him!

Any tips on must sees that aren’t too pricy? We only have 2 1/2 days in the city so we won’t have a ton of time. Our only plans thus far are a taping of the Daily Show (!!!) and the Tenement Museum. Oh, and going to Rockefeller Plaza because though I claim I have seen enough touristy things in NYC, I always have to stop by 30 Rock and gaze at the Plaza adoringly and wishing I could work there some day.

So in anticipation of my first cross-country trip in a couple of years, I’ve done am doing a few things to prepare.

1) Bought a new camera: The Nikon 1 J1


I’ve been thinking about replacing my Canon Powershot Pro1 (circa 2005) for a while now, and upgrading to a DSLR. I decided to instead go for the compact Nikon 1. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet…it is a very good quality camera, but I have yet to find a manual mode, which means I might not have as much control over my pictures as I’d like. It seems like a pretty smart camera with a fair amount of settings, though, so maybe I won’t miss it. (all the photos in this post were taken with it {besides the one taken OF it, obviously})

2) I made pumpkin granola to bring on the plane. (Well, I’m making it right now and it smells delicious.)

I used this pumpkin granola recipe, but decreased the amount of sugar and syrup. I’m hoping it turns out; I’ve tried making granola before with Quick Oats (which is what I have on hand 99% of the time) and it never really works out right. My apartment smells delicious though, so at least it will taste great, even if it doesn’t have the same crunch as store-bought does!

3) I packed our bag am in the process of packing our bag

This is not a packed bag, as it may seem to be. This is my suitcase filled with a couple of cold weather items I grabbed from my parents house that I thought I’d need for the trip…So…I’ve got a ways to go… Haha. Plus, we found out you have to pay for checked bags, so T-Man is going to take most of his stuff in his carry-on, and I’m going to check a bag for both of us and fit whatever else I can of his in there.

I do consider myself a pro-packer, though. For a 5 day trip, I’m thinking I’ll probably bring 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shoes (one comfy, one cute), and a couple of different shirt + sweater combos. I’ll be wearing all of my bulkiest clothing tomorrow (bulkier shoes, and my heavy jacket) so I can fit more in the suitcase. Tips of the trade, I tell ya. When I was in France, I used to bring only a backpack for week-long travels. Check this out:

This was what I brought with me on a 8 day trip (at the end of October…COLD!) to Edinburgh, Dublin, and London. I’m wearing a tank top, sweater, hoodie, scarf, AND a jacket. I pretty much just traded the same 2 sweaters and 3 different shirts the whole time. Ballin’. Hey man, it’s what you’ve gotta do when you’re flying Ryanair (the airline who charges 14 euros per flight, but 25 euros for each checked bag) the whole way.

Wish us luck!

6 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jetplane

    • Yes, that’s the one! Nothing but thankful family members so far here in New York, but they did tell us a few stories of looting. It’s been pretty eye opening, I’ll have lots of photos to share!

    • Thanks!! We’re hoping we get in tomorrow (I’ve reserved tickets before and didn’t get in line early enough to get actual tickets), and if we do, Mike Huckabee is the guest!

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