Workouts Lately: An Unattainable Goal?

What an election night. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch election returns like a nerd like I usually do, because I ended up helping T-Man finish up and get his GOTV canvassers all squared away for the end of the campaign. We did get to go to the campaign’s election party, which was fun, and this morning we woke up to the news that preliminary results show T-Man’s candidate is up by 144 votes. YIKES! They still have a lot of absentee ballots to count, so this could be a squeaker, folks!

Anyhow, here’s my long awaited jogging update that I think I’ve referred to a few times. Tune in and leave feedback – I need your help!

So, when I broke my hand in June, I kind of fell off the workout wagon.

Let me preface this all by saying I don’t enjoy running. I am that person who says “OK, time to go for a jog!” then spends 30 minutes cleaning my room, or scrubbing dishes…anything to procrastinate running. When I moved home after graduating in 2010, I decided I wanted to get in better shape – and was bored out of my mind, being unemployed and all – so I started running to an elementary school every morning. It was .9 miles each way, and once I got there I would stop, take a break, drink some water, and come back. Within a month or two, I could run all the way around the school and back (just over two miles) without stopping. Since then, I’ve been jogging at least 2 miles 2-3 times per week. I still hate it every time, but I always feel fantastic afterward, and am convinced it has played a huge role in my overall health and weight loss since 2010.

ANYWAY, back to this year. In April, I was at the peak of my running game. I was jogging three times per week and playing dodgeball on Wednesdays (a moderately good workout, but it was usually canceled out by at least 2 drinks at the bar afterward, haha). I also magically pushed through the 3 mile threshold that I never thought I would, and was running at least 2.5 miles most of the time.

In May, I wasn’t as great about running three times per week, but I moved into my apartment downtown that month, and thus started walking to and from work several days a week, so my fitness wasn’t compromised. I still stayed around the 2.5 mile range.

Then, my injury and summer weather happened. Because of the heat, I only ran 5 times in June (about once a week), plus, dodgeball twice per week. On the evening of June 28th, I broke my hand playing dodgeball. During the 10 weeks I had my cast, and then my splint, (so, during the entire months of July and August, plus a couple of weeks) I only jogged twice.

I wasn’t quite feeling confident enough to get back on the horse in September. It was still hot, and I was still wearing my splint most of the time, so I stuck to the elliptical. I ran three times in September, about two miles each time.

In the middle of October, I started getting back on track for real.

(Keep in mind that on weeks I jogged less than twice, I was probably working out on the elliptical, and doing abs & weight machines instead)

Through most of October, I was running at a 10 minute/mile pace, which is a fair amount slower than in April/May. But last Monday, I finally pushed myself to run 2.5 miles again, and trimmed a minute off my time, to boot! (My GPS tracking app is a bit off, and when I edited the route online to reflect what I had actually ran, it came out as 2.47 instead)

Since then (for the past week and a half), I’ve been steadily running 2.5 miles.

Now here’s my question for all you runners out there…

How likely is it that I will be able to run a 5K on Thanksgiving?

Unfortunately, our upcoming vacation kind of puts a wrench in things (plus, I forgot my running shoes on Monday so I can’t stick to my usual MWF schedule this week)…I think its a bit of a stretch to aim for 3.1 miles by November 22nd. Why must Thanksgiving be so early this year?! Gah.

I’m not feeling very confident that I’ll be up to 3 miles by Thanksgiving week, but I definitely want to run a 5K soon. Maybe the Fleet Feet Free Holiday Classic on December 16th? That sounds more attainable…

As for Run to Feed the Hungry on Thanksgiving, maybe T-Man and I can just run-walk our way through it together! (he’s not much of a runner)

Have you ran races before? How long did you train for it/them?


What tracking app do you use on your runs? I use MapMyRun, but the GPS tracker isn’t always accurate…

9 thoughts on “Workouts Lately: An Unattainable Goal?

  1. Yes, you can run a 5k by Thanksgiving. Take it easy, don’t push it and just jog. If you have to, walk for a bit. But if you’ve easily ran 2.5 – 3 miles before, you can do a 5k. I’ve run 5ks, half marathons and a marathon and I hate running (so I feel your pain). Good luck!

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement! I definitely would not be aiming to break any personal records time-wise if I decide to do it, that’s for sure.

  2. Hey Katie,
    it’s good to set those goals when running. I know for me, I was definitely hitting a wall when it came to running. I didn’t always enjoy it but I knew when I had something to work towards, it made the motivation that much easier. Also, having a family member participate with me helped out quite a bit since we were constant reminders (naggers) to each other. I just did my first 5k on Sunday, knowing full well that I couldn’t possibly run the entire way. I did stop a bit, but in the back of my mind I knew that whatever I ran, it was all on me. No one else could truly motivate myself except for me. So good luck! And I’ll see you Turkey Day if you sign up for the Run to Feed the Hungry.

    • Thanks Eric! I think I’m leaning towards yes at this point. I want to get my boyfriend running a bit so that he can join me from time to time. My favorite part of running is definitely being motivated to reach goals! Maybe I’ll see you there!

  3. I’m in a similar predicament as you are with running a Thanksgiving 5k! The most I’ve been running is around 2 miles (ish) about once a week (I also despise running and would rather take a yoga class or lift weights anyyy day of the week). I think I’m going to go ahead and do it, though. Mostly for fun! If I have to walk, I have to walk. So be it! I think you could definitely do it! 🙂

    • I think I’m leaning towards yes too!! Instead of running 2.75 on Thursday as planned, I actually had a weird spurt of energy and ran 3 whole miles Friday! If I can, you can!

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