Birthday Weekend in Photos

Today is my golden birthday. I am 24 on the 24th, as I’ve pointed out to nearly everyone I could in the past few weeks. πŸ˜›

Since my birthday fell on a Monday, I decided to do most of my celebrating this weekend. This meant spending most of Saturday with T-Man (and going to a couple of campaign events with him, because he never truly has days off anymore!), cooking a bunch, and spending time with friends. Chiggedy check it out:

T-Man helped me in the kitchen! We made Fried Green Tomato BLTs! Oh. My. Gawwwwd. Can’t wait to share this recipe!

The rest of the day was spent following around T-Man at work, and (left) fueling for the evening ahead of us! We went and saw a cover band play with a bunch of friends. Then I dragged him home so we could watch SNL. WORTH IT.

My contribution to Sunday Dinner at my place! Eggplant fries and Green Chile Veggie Enchiladas.

This morning, I received this good news:

I thought it was arriving on October 5th… Turns out my back-ordered iPhone 5 will be here on Friday! Happy birthday to me!

9 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend in Photos

  1. Happy GOLDEN birthday! Mine was when I was 22, and I also told everyone EVER about it. How awesome is the iphone 5 going to be?! I’m excited for you.

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