A Broken Weekend in Photos

I learned a few things this weekend.

1) Breaking your dominant hand makes most things reaally really difficult. This list of things includes, but is not limited to: typing, writing your rent check, cutting veggies, applying nail polish, washing your hair, opening and closing windows, washing dishes, applying liquid eyeliner, sleeping comfortably…You get the picture.

2) My boyfriend is quite nice. He’s been helping me with the aforementioned things. I haven’t asked him to help me wash my hair though…yet.

3) I don’t actually have iPhone insurance. So, broken screen it is.

4) Despite all of the above, it’s still possible to have a great weekend.

My attempt at taking notes right-handed from a phone call at work on Friday — Meal I somehow managed to make for T-Man (teriyaki marinated chicken) — our respective roommates playing darts on Saturday night

Crowd that gathered at a local pub to watch Spain beat Italy — Barbecue! This may be becoming a weekly event. — US Olympics Gymnastics trials HECKYES. So sad about Nastia Liukin.

We’re having a barbecue on the 4th and I’m so excited to whip up whatever I can for the occasion. I’m going to make baked beans with the help of T-Man’s crockpot, and maybe some salsa and guacamole. If I’m feeling extra motivated, I may even make a batch of my mom’s frozen margarita slushies! Her stuff has a serious kick!

What is everyone else looking forward to making (and eating) this week?

I leave you with a video from Jenna Marbles, who I love and who absolutely gets it spot on when she describes having a broken hand!

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