Weekend in Photos

Summer has arrived.

OK, maybe not officially, but it sure does feel like it. For the first time in a while, we spent most of the weekend just relaxing and lounging around. No road trips, no weddings… Just food, friends and lots of sunshine! Maybe too much sunshine — it’s supposed to reach 97 degrees for the next few days! Yikes.

That means finding a new running schedule (by the time my 1pm lunch break runs around, it will already be 90 degrees!), but it also means lots of delicious fruits and veggies will be coming into season, and lots of grilling is on the horizon.

Check out some of the highlights of my weekend:

The comforter I ordered online matches my tapestry perfectly (win!) — dinner Friday night: goat cheese pasta with farmer’s market artichokes  — Gloom, a game where the goal is to get your family to suffer the most before you kill them… mwuahaha.

Saturday morning. T-Man wanted his go-to breakfast: scrambled eggs and cheese (mostly cheese), but I suggested a compromise that would replace some of that cheese with veggies (who am I?) and carbs (ahh, there I am): fried egg & cheese sandwiches with spicy peppers on the side. I sauteed the peppers, then let them chill in the juice from a jar of pickled jalapenos for 20 minutes or so! Compromise is good.

T-Man broke in the grill at my new place (quite a feat with the 30 mph winds) — Fresh lettuce from my dad’s garden, tomatoes, white cheddar, and red onions… And my go-to guac recipe — One of my first attempts at burgers! All 3 fellas (boyfriend, his future roomie, and my brother) gobbled them up!

Impulse purchase of the weekend: got a slurpee because of the hilarious/awesome cup it came in. — Vino from the region I lived in in France! Thank youuu BevMo 5c wine sale! — Saw Prometheus…didn’t love it…but 3D was definitely worth it!

Biggest bummer of the weekend: we couldn’t watch the Mad Men finale last night 😦 There’s a huge fight going on between Dish Network and AMC because Dish is taking AMC (along with a few other channels) off its lineup. Needless to say, I was pissed when we got home from seeing Prometheus and Mad Men hadn’t recorded. We assumed it was because the change had already taken place, and decided we’d have to watch later this week online.

Except, we were wrong. I just read online that Dish didn’t make the change yet, they just decided that they were going to change AMC to channel 9000 something so that no one would know where to find it! Wow Dish Network, way to pull a 16-year-old-girl-mad-at-her-boyfriend kind of move.

What are you excited to do on the weekends now that summertime weather has rolled in?

One thought on “Weekend in Photos

  1. Jeanne says:

    Love following your blog. Just finished school and am looking forward to all things summer until summer school begins (3 1/2 weeks). Thanks to the Hanzlik’s for turning me on to Madmen. We love it too.

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